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Hot on the heels of Laurel Lance's supposed resurrection on Arrow, another pivotal Arrowverse character is now set to return to our screens — and no, we're not talking about Tommy Merlyn (although he's obviously Prometheus, right?).

Fans of The Flash should be ecstatic to learn that fan favorite actor Rick Cosnett just revealed via Twitter that he's coming back to the show as Eddie Thawne once again.

Or is he? The last time we saw Thawne was in the Season One finale, where he ended up taking his own life in order to save the people he loves. By shooting himself in the chest, Eddie was able to end his bloodline and wipe the nefarious Reverse Flash out of existence, stopping Eobard before he could even be born.

Of course though, thanks to the typical time-travel shenanigans seen in the Arrowverse, the Reverse Flash is now back, terrorising DC's alongside the rest of the Legion of Doom. It comes as no surprise, then, that Eddie could follow suit and return back from the dead too. After all, both Laurel and Sara Lance were resurrected, so there's certainly precedence for this on The CW's lineup of superhero shows.

Check out this promo to see what will happen next when The Flash returns for the second half of Season 3:

The question now is: How and when will Thawne return to our screens? While Flashpoint and the Lazarus Pit have brought people back from the dead before, and there's always the chance that he's from Earth 2, it's looking far more likely that time travel will ultimately be responsible.

After all, we already know that the second half of Season 3 will follow Barry Allen on his quest to prevent the death of Iris in the future, so we wouldn't be surprised if all of this meddling is somehow responsible for Eddie's return too. If this is true, then the loveable detective will rejoin the cast at some point in the next few months, potentially throwing a spanner into the works for Barry's relationship with Iris, following their engagement back in Season 1.

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

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While there's a risk that the Arrowverse shows may be jumping the shark at this stage, removing any sense of danger by bringing everyone back from the dead, it's hard not to be excited about the return of Eddie Thawne and the implications that this could have for Barry's relationship with Iris in the future. Let's just hope they don't kill off Rick Cosnett's character again by the Season 3 finale. Hasn't the guy been through enough already?


How will Eddie Thawne return to The Flash?


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