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Finally, The Flash writers have given us what we've always wanted — a proper, no-holds barred, throwdown between the Flash and not just one, but several giant psychic gorillas. Hooray! As a fan favorite character, Gorilla Grodd has appeared in each season of , but the TV show budget constrained him to just one episode per season. This time, however, we get a double bill of Grodd goodness, with an entire army of gorillas to make up for lost time. And best of all — the visual effects in "Attack on Gorilla City" are some of the show's best yet. That gladiator-like battle between Flash and Solovar was so well rendered you could almost forget that this was all CGI... but not quite.

But it wasn't all worthy fight scenes — Season 3 Episode 13 was definitely one of the season's strongest, delivering some welcome relationship development for Jesse and Wally, while giving Team Flash a great dynamic despite their static setting. It was also really nice to see Caitlin use her powers for good again, only hammering the point home that if she could just get over her fears then she could become a really cool superhero.

The Flash used speed punch! It was super ineffective. [Credit: The CW]
The Flash used speed punch! It was super ineffective. [Credit: The CW]

Next episode will see Grodd's forces invade Earth-1, so we'll be getting plenty more speedster vs gorilla action soon. Until then, let's count out the awesome Easter Eggs scattered around "Attack on Gorilla City".

Return To The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

There's no way we could get through an episode about primates without The Flash cheekily reminding us of how Tom Felton — who plays Julian on the show — also appeared in the cumbersomely named movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Little does he know, over on Earth-4532 his doppelganger isn't enjoying his time on Planet of the Apes. [Credit: The CW]
Little does he know, over on Earth-4532 his doppelganger isn't enjoying his time on Planet of the Apes. [Credit: The CW]

Julian's excitement was pretty adorable, and that little wink just sold this sneaky Easter Egg. Also, I'm not even going to include Julian's continued mission to become Indiana Jones as part of this references list, because this has gone beyond Easter Egg territory and I'm considering this to be one of his primary character motivations. Too bad he just kinda looks a bit silly in the hat.

Blüdhaven Exists

There was a nice little nod to one of 's key cities — just by Gotham City, Blüdhaven is the hometown of popular character Dick Grayson, leading some fans to hope that Nightwing might swing into the . Personally though, I think it's likely this was just another bit of worldbuilding, because why take a city from our universe when The Flash writers could further cement the TV show's position in the DC continuity?

Solovar's Comic Book History

It's not really an Easter Egg so much, but now's as good a time as any to flip through Solovar's comic book credentials. The sentient gorilla is indeed the leader of Gorilla City, but in the pre-Flashpoint comics this city is actually located on Earth-1. Interestingly, Gorilla City was originally built on the planet of Calor, making the gorillas actually an alien species — until Green Lantern accidentally brought Gorilla City to Earth for typically convoluted reasons.

Solovar and ally Flash say their goodbyes. [Credit: DC]
Solovar and ally Flash say their goodbyes. [Credit: DC]

Solovar is a longtime The Flash character but he's not exactly villainous: Considered a wise and just leader, Solovar was the first to develop mind control powers, a skill which his rival Grodd sought to learn. In the comics, Solovar and Barry Allen are allies.

The Best Worst Video Game

Honestly, I was really hoping that Cisco's comment "Speedster vs super gorilla, best worst video game ever" was actually a reference to a real life video game because yes, that would indeed be awesomely bad. Unfortunately this game does not exist, but you can fight Gorilla Grodd as the Flash in the second LEGO Batman game.

Maybe Cisco was referring to that. But probably not.

"You damn, dirty ape!"

In one of the show's more subtle references, Cisco says that Grodd is making Barry do his "damn dirty work", which is a nice nod to the classic "damn dirty ape" line from Planet of the Apes.

Let's Warp Outta Here

As Team Flash are fleeing Gorilla City, Cisco says they need to "warp" out of Earth-2. Again, probably not intentional, but pretty much everything Cisco says is secretly an Easter Egg and I'm gonna assume that he was indeed referencing Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 Episode 18, when Kirk uses this exact phrase.

Maximum speed, Mr Sulu!

The Cold Never Bothered Caitlin Anyway

We've gotta congratulate The Flash writers for getting this far in a show that includes a character with cold powers without making a Frozen reference. They may have broken their streak this episode with HR's game of charades (movie, one word, clue: shivering — what else could it be), but at least they didn't actually quote Frozen and thank goodness, because that would have put "Let It Go" in my head for days.

Damn. I went and put it in my own head anyway.

Tell us in the comments: Did you spot any more Easter Eggs this episode?

Also, Cisco said a song title. [Credit: The CW]
Also, Cisco said a song title. [Credit: The CW]


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