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(Disclaimer: Spoilers for The Flash Season 3 Episode 18, titled 'Abra Kadabra' below. Continue at your own risk)

The Flash is nearing the end of its third season, and the race to prevent Iris’s death at the hands of Savitar is on. Team Flash still does not know the identity of Savitar, and Barry is becoming more desperate to find answers with each passing episode. During The Flash Season 3 Episode 18, Barry was given a glimmer of hope by Abra Kadabra, who claimed to know Savitar’s identity. Unfortunately, Kadabra was less than forthcoming with the information, and openly mocked Barry's pain.

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

Since Barry didn't get the information he wanted from Abra Kadabra, he's decided to travel forward in time to get the answers he needs to defeat Savitar – even though Jay Garrick explicitly told him not to. This sets up Season 3 Episode 19, titled 'The Once and Future Flash', in which Barry is going to come face to face with his future self, and possibly gets a brand-new Flash suit along the way.

"The Once And Future Flash" Promo

'The Once and Future Flash' promo gives us a brief glimpse at what Barry will be facing in the future, and it looks grim to say the least. Future Barry has gone full emo, and apparently has dyed his hair black. Wally West is wheelchair-bound for some reason, and Caitlin Snow has gone full – as we saw at the end of Episode 18.

Future Barry doesn’t seem too happy to see an earlier version of himself, but present Barry wants future Barry to reveal Savitar’s identity so present Barry can stop him before this future comes to pass. We also see Barry getting his ass kicked by an unknown man, whom we haven’t seen on the show before. The best part of the promo is the reveal of Barry Allen in a shiny new suit, befitting the fastest man alive.

Brand-New Flash Suit

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

Barry has essentially had the same suit since the beginning of The Flash Season 1. Cisco made a white lightning bolt emblem for the costume in Season 2, but besides that, Barry has not had a wardrobe change in quite a while. We’ve seen Wally West and Jesse Quick get fancy suits, but now it’s Barry’s turn, and it is everything we could have hoped for.

Much like Jay Garrick’s suit, it has more padding than Barry’s original suit, and looks far better in terms of quality. The new Flash suit has the same leathery texture as Oliver’s Season 5 Green Arrow suit, and has gold accents that are reminiscent of the New 52 Flash suit from the comics.

New 52 Flash [Credit: DC Comics]
New 52 Flash [Credit: DC Comics]

This costume is still a muted red like the previous iteration, and the cowl is basically unchanged, except for solid gold lightning bolt ear emblems. The best new additions to the suit are a gold belt and emblems on his forearms, which make the suit look more like multiple pieces rather than a burgundy onesie.

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Even though this new suit is awesome, it is possible that this is future Barry Allen’s suit, and we may not see our Barry don it for a while.Even if that is the case, it is still a new Flash suit, and it is something to look forward to in future seasons.

The Flash is currently on a break for a month, so we must wait and see what the future suit looks like in action. But we can take comfort in the fact that a new Flash costume is on the way, and that the reveal is imminent. Make sure to tune in to The Flash when it returns on April 25, 2017.

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