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Note: This article contains significant spoilers for this week's episode of The Flash.

After introducing and defeating various villains, introduced fans to Savitar, the most ruthless villain Team Flash has ever encountered. Over the season the show has given us clues as to who is the man underneath the giant metal suit, but fans had to wait almost the whole reason until his identity was revealed.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 20, titled ‘I Know Who You Are’, finally revealed the identity of , and to the surprise of fans, it was a scarred future version of our hero: Barry Allen. The reveal of Savitar’s identity was awesome, but it raised more questions than it answered. Fans began speculating about which version of Barry became Savitar, and if he was a time remnant or just another character in disguise.

This week's episode, 'Cause & Effect', finally gave us the Savitar’s origin story, and answered all of the questions that were raised after he was revealed to be .

Savitar's Origin Revealed

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

Episode 21 of Season 3 jumped right into explaining which version of became Savitar and what his motivations are. During a lengthy monologue, Savitar explained that he is not the original Barry Allen that audiences have been following since The Flash began, instead, he is a temporal duplicate that our Barry Allen created (dammit, Barry). Neither is he the time duplicate Barry created in The Flash Season 2 finale to defeat Zoom, but one that Barry will create in the future.

Here’s where things get a bit confusing: So this means that Scarred Barry Allen is a time-duplicate created by Barry during in a future fight with the future.

Emo Barry Allen told Barry a few episodes ago on that he created time duplicates to defeat Savitar, and that almost all of them died. Scarred Barry Allen is the only temporal duplicate to survive the battle with Savitar, and that is the beginning of his villain origin story: After the battle with Savitar, Scarred Barry tries to find a place with Team Flash, but they shun him. He is left feeling dejected, and begins to hate Barry. This starts down the path to becoming Savitar, and he becomes all of the dark parts of Barry Allen, personified.

Savitar's Origin Explained

Savitar’s origin is extremely complicated, and after first hearing the explanation, there appears to be several plot holes. The writers have actually done a good job explaining some of the plot holes on the show. So, let’s take what we learned from the episode and break down the denser parts of Savitar’s origin story:

  • How can Scarred Barry become Savitar if he was created to fight Savitar?

Cisco explains to Team Flash that Scarred Barry and Savitar are a part of a “closed loop” timeline. Because of time travel, they can exist simultaneously in dissecting timelines. If Savitar exist, so does Scarred Barry, because their existence hinges on one another. Once Barry created , he triggered the closed-loop timeline that would create Savitar.

  • Why does Savitar have all of Barry's memories?

Scarred Barry is a carbon copy of Barry Allen, and he has all of Barry’s memories leading up to the moment of his creation – thus why he knows every move Team Flash makes before they make it.

  • Why does Savitar want to kill Iris West?

Scarred Barry wants to kill Iris West to secure his creation, because if Iris doesn’t die, Barry never attacks Savitar, and never creates time-duplicates. As far as motivations go, self-preservation is a pretty strong one.

  • How was Savitar the first speedster?

Once Scarred Barry becomes Savitar, he travels back in time over and again to spread the myth of “The God of Speed”. This is how he acquires followers and how other Earths know of the “Legend of Savitar”

Now that Team Flash knows both Savitar’s identity and origin story, they can find a way to stop him before he kills Iris. The key to Team Flash’s success is disrupting Savtiar’s closed-loop timeline, which sounds easy, but Savitar already knows what they are going to attempt. We’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out in the few remaining episodes of The Flash Season 3.

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