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The Flash Season 3 centered around how Barry’s choices affect the world around him. When Barry created Flashpoint at the end of Season 2, he messed with something he didn't understand, and put everyone he loved in danger.

Over the course of The Flash Season 3, we saw the repercussions of Barry’s changes to the timeline, and each problem was bigger than the last. The Dominators, Savitar, Killer Frost, Dr. Alchemy and Iris's future death were all a result of Flashpoint, and as we learned in The Flash Season 3 finale, Barry had to pay his penance for messing with the timeline. Note: Spoilers for The Flash Season 3, Episode 23, titled "Finish Line" follow.

During The Flash Season 3 finale, Team Flash came together, saved Iris, and defeated Savitar, but they still lost Barry Allen to the . In Barry’s absence, will take Barry’s place as the hero of Central City — but now that Savitar was erased by the time paradox created when H.R. took Iris's place, there is one big plot hole: Kid Flash should have lost his powers when the paradox caught up with Savitar.

Savitar's Connection To Wally West

During The Flash Season 3 Episode 21, titled “Cause and Effect”, we learned that Savitar is a time remnant that Barry creates in the future during his battle with Savitar. Barry is directly responsible for the creation of Savitar, and is tied to Savitar’s closed time loop, as Cisco explained during “Cause and Effect”

When Barry loses his memory in “Cause and Effect,” Savitar lost his memory too, and when that happened, Wally lost his speed. The Flash presented the idea that Wally West’s powers are connected to Savitar’s existence. Once Barry got his memory back, so did Savitar, and Wally’s powers were restored.

The Flash’s time travel rules are hard to pin down, but in the case of Wally West and Savitar, they spelled it out for us. If Savitar’s plan fails, and he never gets Barry to create time remnants, then Wally loses his powers. Savitar created Kid Flash, and the two are forever linked in the closed time loop created by Barry.

The Flash Season 3 Kid Flash Plot Hole

Team Flash finally defeated Savitar in The Flash Season 3 finale, and by doing so, they created a paradox that caused Savitar to vanish like Reverse-Flash at the end of the Season 1 finale. If we follow the rules The Flash set up in Episode 21, we know that if Savitar was erased from the timeline, then Wally would lose his powers shortly after.

As it turns out, Wally did not lose his powers, and has now taken Barry’s place as the speedster of Central City. In fairness, time travel is a tricky thing to pull off on television and there are bound to be some mistakes, but Wally West still having his powers is a huge plot hole.

Wally remaining unaffected by Savitar's erasure from the timeline would not be a big deal in many other sci-fi shows — since he already created Wally in the current timeline — but because The Flash showed Wally losing his powers when Savitar’s memory was erased, it completely contradicts the show's established logic.

The plot hole could have been easily avoided if The Flash stuck to one set of rules regarding its time travel logic, but the rules were constantly in flux, which caused plot holes and a confusing narrative. The Flash Season 4 could address the plot hole, but for now, it seems that Wally retaining his powers was an avoidable error.

The Flash Season 3 was very ambitious, but it was bogged down by a lot of convoluted time travel logic. The Flash Season 4 will be the first season of the series in which the Big Bad isn’t a speedster, which means Barry Allen might live up to his claim of being the fastest man alive. The Flash is still one of the best superhero shows on TV, and we can’t wait to see what new direction Season 4 is headed.

The Flash has wrapped, but you can catch the watch Season 3 in its entirety when it hits Netflix on May 31, 2017.

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