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Amidst all of the face swapping and pizza-face jokes, the Season 3 finale of The Flash took a moment to hint once again at a key villain in Season 4 — and his name is most likely "Devoe." Ironically, this sneaky clue came from none other than Savitar himself, the speedster villain who has plagued Team Flash for the past 23 episodes of so.

Spoilers for The Flash Season 3 finale to follow.

The scene in question occurs when the scarred time remnant took some time out from listening to Linkin Park in a dark room so he could consider joining forces with Team Flash, despite accidentally killing H.R. when his plan to murder Iris failed.

Bizarre plotting aside, an exchange shared between Emo Barry, slightly less Emo Barry and Iris revealed that the new Big Bad of Season 4 may have already been revealed to us.

"I remember everything... This is where we came up with cerebral inhibitor to use against Devoe."

Who? Apparently, both we and The Flash just "haven't gotten there yet," but the show will probably catch up to Barry's future/Savitar's past sooner rather than later. After all, this isn't the first time that Devoe has been mentioned this season.

Will Devoe Really Be The Big Bad In Season 4?

Back when Abra Kadabra first travelled from the future, the villainous Rogue took great glee in listing the names of Barry's greatest foes, including the likes of Zoom and Eobard Thawne. However, few fans would have recognized the name Devoe, which was mentioned in the same breath as the rest of these Big Bads.

"See. Here it is. In the future, you and I have been enemies for years. While there have been others — of course there's Thawne, Zoom, DeVoe — but none of them have hurt you like Savitar. He totally broke you. I have to be honest. I was always a little bit jealous. But now, it's like I get to kill her too."

Villainous posturing aside, the second mention of Devoe in the Season 3 finale of The Flash seems to confirm that he will play some kind of prominent role in the near future. The team behind the show have already revealed that Barry will face someone far slower, yet no less threatening, in Season 4, and this name-drop approach was exactly how Arrow first introduced us to Damien Darhk at the end of the show's third season.

Given the company that Devoe was grouped in by Abra Kadabra, it's looking more and more likely that he will be the main villain in Season 4 of The Flash — assuming, of course, that Barry Allen can escape the Speed Force following the events of the Season 3 finale.

Who Is Devoe And How Will He Be Defeated?

As one of The Flash's earliest villains, Devoe made his comic book debut in 1943, originally fighting Jay Garrick as the villainous Thinker. Over the years, Devoe battled even more speedsters than we've seen on the show, before finally meeting his maker in 1998. However, it didn't take long for comic book writers to resurrect The Thinker as an A.I. using the deceased's brain patterns — because, comics.

The Thinker served as a member of both the Suicide Squad and the Injustice Society over the years, and even worked alongside The Shade at one point (you might remember him as that shadowy guy from an earlier episode of The Flash). Using technological enhancements, Devoe proved himself to be a formidable adversary in the comics, using a device known as the Thinking Cap which lent him psychic abilities, including telekinesis and mind control.

Given that most versions of The Thinker rely on this invention to grant them power, 's mention of the villain may have also revealed exactly how Team Flash will ultimately defeat Devoe in Season 4.

Here's a reminder of what Savitar said in the Season 3 finale while he wandered through one of the rooms at S.T.A.R. Labs;

"I remember everything... This is where we came up with cerebral inhibitor to use against Devoe."

Although we don't know the specifics of what the cerebral inhibitor will do, this certainly sounds like the kind of equipment that Cisco and the rest of Team Flash would devise off the cuff to protect Central City. Whether this invention will prevent the Thinker from using his powers on Barry or whether it will negate them entirely isn't clear, but we wouldn't be surprised if this 'inhibitor' plays a crucial role in defeating Devoe once and for all.

Whichever iteration of The Thinker ends up fighting Team Flash, Barry will have a lot on his hands, even with the help of the cerebral inhibitor. Perhaps Cisco could pop over to Earth-38 and borrow the "neural inhibitor" that the Martian Manhunter used against an alien conqueror known as Jemm back in Season 1 of Supergirl.

This all assumes of course that The Thinker will even appear in Season 4 at all. The writers working on could be saving Devoe for later down the line. Whoever Barry and co. face off against, we just hope it's not yet another speedster.


Do you think Devoe will be defeated by The Flash in Season 4 using the cerebral inhibitor?

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