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Courtesy of Twitter account Hollywood North Buzz, an account dedicated to shoots happening in Vancouver (a.k.a. "Hollywood North"), we have photos from the set of that confirm a whole lot of information that will send us all into nerdvana! For those of you who wish to not be spoiled, I would click away now.

Not long after a set photo confirmed the appearance of The Flash of Earth-19, new set photos reveal that Barry Allen will take on a team that appears to include Gorilla Grodd, Savitar, and an as-yet-unnamed female villain, and he'll be doing it alongside Jesse Quick, a fully suited-up Vibe and Kid Flash. Just what we need after the awesomeness that was the Invasion crossover team-up.

One of the biggest complaints about has been its inclusion of far too many speedsters. Looking at this photo, I am really not complaining. We have three speedsters and Vibe ready to fight alongside one another; how can one not get excited at the prospect of seeing this on screen?

A Supervillain Team Up?

Along with showcasing the best team-up since Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin on , set photos have revealed that Team Flash will go up against two mysterious CGI/mocapped figures and a female villain.

While one can easily assume that the one actor is doing mocap for Savitar, the account that released these images has confirmed that there is another actor who is doing mocap for none other than Gorilla Grodd. But they don't appear to be on the same side when Team Flash runs into them:

Why are these two fighting each other? Very curious as to why they are fighting, but at least we can look forward to a Savitar/Grodd fight and possible eventual team-up. The confirmation of Grodd, and the appearance of The Flash of Earth-19 makes me wonder: What earth are they on?

Does Team Flash Travel To Earth-19?

Not too long ago, H.R. (Harrison Wells' doppelganger) stated that Gorilla Grodd also exists on his Earth, that Earth being Earth-19. Now we have a superhero team-up, a mysterious new Flash and a rampaging Grodd all spotted filming within a few nights of each other.

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I believe that Team Flash will travel to Earth-19 in the second half of Season 3, and I wouldn't be surprised if H.R. has something to do with it. He comes from Earth-19 yet he has not once mentioned that his Earth also has a Flash. Sounds very suspicious. Who knows, maybe H.R. is Earth-19's Flash?


Are you looking forward to Team Flash vs. Savitar and Grodd?


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