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A recent article on Comicbook has raised a question that some of us were wondering about for a while now that Flashpoint is almost here: Could Iris West be the brave and the bold reporter who puts her life at risk that Lois Lane was in The Flashpoint Paradox timeline?

I personally think that playing with this Iris/Lois parallel is a great idea, worth being developed in the upcoming season, for at least a few reasons.

First of all, this is the kind of situation that Iris needs to make a new statement on the show. Although in the last two seasons of The Flash she showed us that she's brave and capable, her "crusading reporter" side has not been explored that much.

She Started As A Strong Female Character

The first episodes of Season 1 featured a determined Iris who wanted more than everything to be that important voice of the people who don't have a voice, of the Flash and, most of all, the voice of the truth. She was willing to put herself out there and do whatever it takes to bring justice for the Flash and hope for Central City. She started as a really great female character, but between Eddy, Barry and her father, she soon began to fade. The men in her life started to do all the hard work and she became the reckless girl who needed to be rescued.

We would really like to see that bold and dauntless Iris back and watch her grow into the strong female character that we were expecting her to grow into from the beginning of the show.

There Was A Second Time She Showed All Of Us She's A Real Thing

Remember back then when Barry screwed the timeline and traveled to Earth 2? There, Iris West was this badass police officer — basically the replacment figure of her Earth-1 father at CCPD. We liked that Iris. It was a surprise as well as a deep statement. She showed us that she can be more than the girl who Flash always rescues. She doesn't have a Flash to save her on this Earth, so she became her own hero. Her father is a singer and her husband is, well, a forensic freak she can't count on to save the day. She fights metahumans with bravery and doesn't back down on giving her life for the well-being of the others.

Iris West already showed us twice that she can be this strong female character that can handle a more engaging role in the show. As The Flash really lacks this kind of feminist statement, giving Iris back her "crusading reporter" dimension would be an important improvement. Like Lois Lane (without the help of Superman), Iris West can fill this gap in this Flashpoint timeline on her own. She would be very important, like Lois was, because she would be this ordinary girl helping save the day and she will not need a man or a metahuman to save her from trouble. She will be this brave, young woman who puts herself out there, defying danger for the sake of truth and justice, and that, my friends, is what the DC Universe is all about sometimes.

How do you feel about Iris West taking Lois Lane's place in the Flashpoint timeline? Do you trust Iris to save the day? Please share your opinion on this in a comment below! Also, check out the video below to see all the things we have to look forward to on The Flash Season 3:

The Flash Season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 4, on CW.