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The Flash Season 3 looks to be leaving firmly behind them and one has to wonder what the show will be focusing on once it returns from its winter hiatus. Knowing that Savitar will kill Iris, it's safe to assume that he will be released from the Speed Force. The question now is, who will free him?

I have seen a lot of predictions state that Wally will free Savitar, thus fulfilling the prophecy of betrayal, but that is just too predictable even for . I believe that Savitar will be freed by Christina Alexandrova, also known as Lady Savitar.

Who is Lady Savitar?

High priestess of the cult that worships Savitar, Lady Savitar has assisted Savitar against The Flash and his 'Flash Family'. Not too long ago I was reading the Dead Heat story arc which follows Wally West going up against Savitar and Lady Savitar. During the story, Lady Savitar fought Jessie Quick to obtain a scroll that would help bring Savitar back to life after his defeat.

While I was reading this, I thought it would interesting if The Flash did introduce Lady Savitar, but it seemed highly unlikely. Then the mid-season finale came around, and it was revealed that Savitar can be imprisoned within a tablet. Immediately after seeing this, I thought of Lady Savitar and the scroll. Then came the leaked set photos.

The photos show Savitar and Grodd teaming up to take down Flash, Kid Flash, Jessie Quick and Vibe. Alongside Savitar is a mysterious female villain that no one has been able to identify as of yet. I believe that this mysterious female is, in fact, Lady Savitar.

Only a speedster could free him from the Speed Force, but making Wally West the traitor is a dramatic turn from which the show night not be able to recover. Considering that Kid Flash is fighting Savitar alongside the Flash Family I don't think it could be him, which means that this woman must be a speedster, and most likely Lady Savitar.

Do you think The Flash will introduce Lady Savitar? If not, who do you think the female villain is? If she does turn out to be Lady Savitar, I really hope they give her a different/better name.

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