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Ever since Savitar was revealed as the speedster villain for The Flash Season 3, people have been wondering whether he really is the Speed Force god he claims to be, and how Team Flash could possibly defeat him. But since Barry threw the Philosopher's Stone deep into the Speed Force, we haven't heard a peep from Savitar — though we know he will soon return to kill Iris in the not-so-distant future.

And it looks like this future may be even less distant than we thought. Savitar returns in this leaked video from Season 3 set, showing Jesse Quick going up against the evil speedster.

There's a lot to glean from this brief clip, even though we can't hear what the characters are saying to each other. So let's explore what exactly is going on here, which episode this scene is taken from, and just where Jesse and Savitar are.

Savitar Takes Jesse's Speed

Before we begin, credit where credit is due: YouTuber Pagey did an excellent breakdown of the footage on his channel. However, there are a few things I think he may have missed, so let's start from the beginning.

As Pagey points out, it seems highly likely that this scene takes place in Episode 15 — entitled "The Wrath of Savitar" — seeing as Jesse will team up with the gang on Earth-2 in the upcoming two-parter. That would lead naturally into Jesse sticking around for another episode, though it's impossible to tell how she gets into this situation with Savitar.

Savitar is the most formidable speedster villain yet. [Credit: The CW]
Savitar is the most formidable speedster villain yet. [Credit: The CW]

In the leaked scene, Jesse and Savitar — who is now portrayed by an actor in a physical suit, rather than just CGI as before — seem to be mainly talking. However, the conversation doesn't seem to be going in Jesse's favor. Part way through the clip, in a section that seems to come from the end of the scene before the actors start over, Savitar lunges at Jesse and she makes to run away (possibly just doing the initial movement before the effects dept fill in her super-speed).

So what are the two discussing? Their conversation could be more of a confrontation, as in more leaked photos Jesse seems to be holding some kind of ancient weapon, which is possibly connected to the Philosopher's Stone.

As well as giving us a closer look at the very impressive Savitar suit, these photos also show Jesse lying on the floor — possibly after an attack by Savitar. Pagey speculates that this could be because Savitar has taken Jesse's speed, as the comic book version of this character possessed the power to do so. That would be a nice way to increase tension, wounding a character without killing her — and not to mention, with Team Flash obsessing over preventing the events leading up to Iris' death, it would be interesting for Jesse to get hurt in a way they could not predict.

Where Does This Take Place?

There's an intriguing moment as Jesse almost runs away, one which might reveal where in the multiverse this takes place. As the camera zooms in on Jesse, we catch a glimpse of what seems to be a volcanic eruption in the background, or perhaps a large yellow sun setting against a blood red sky.

This doesn't look like any Earth we know already, but it certainly seems familiar — is this the Earth that Cisco and Gypsy briefly crashed into during their fight in Episode 11?

Cisco and Gypsy crash land on an unidentified Earth. [Credit: The CW]
Cisco and Gypsy crash land on an unidentified Earth. [Credit: The CW]

Although fans have speculated that this might be the Darkseid-ruled planet Apokolips, this is pretty much impossible considering the way the multiverse portals work — they transport you to the same place on a different Earth, not halfway across the galaxy.

That being said, it seems most likely that this is an Earth that Team Flash haven't visited yet, and it would make sense for this location to be used again in later episodes, after this brief flash of foreshadowing. So is this where Jesse confronts Savitar? Without more information it's impossible to tell, but considering the set dressing in the leaked scene, the two placess certainly look similar — and that's unlikely to be an accident.

All in all, this leak looks like a really interesting development for The Flash Season 3, and we can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Savitar will take Jesse's speed?

Jesse teamed up with Barry against Mirror Master and the Top. [Credit: The CW]
Jesse teamed up with Barry against Mirror Master and the Top. [Credit: The CW]

[Source: Pagey on YouTube]


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