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Barry Allen may start each episode of The Flash by declaring himself to be the "fastest man alive", but that's no longer true — if it ever was. Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, The Reverse Flash, and Black Flash are all currently zipping around the Arrowverse, and they are all paces behind the God of Speed himself, Savitar.

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

Season 3 Episode 14 saw the conclusion of the Gorilla Grodd 2-part arc, and gave us our first look at the home world of Gypsy: Earth-19. It also gave us our first look at a very obscure speedster from DC Comics; The Accelerated Man, whose introduction might be very important in the battle against Savitar.

The Accelerated Man

Earth-19 Justice League [Credit: DC Comics]
Earth-19 Justice League [Credit: DC Comics]

If you have never heard of The Accelerated Man, that’s because he is one of the most obscure characters in the multiverse. He has only made one appearance in comics, in The Multiversity Guidebook #1 in 2015. This book is basically an encyclopedia for the DC multiverse. All that we really know about The Accelerated Man in DC comics lore is that he is Earth-19’s speedster, and he is part of their Justice League along with versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Atom.

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The Accelerated Man’s appearance on The Flash is a rare instance where the show will likely become the main source of information about a character. We learned that he is one of the law enforcement officials that Gypsy answers to, and unlike the other speedsters, he produces purple Speedforce lightning when he runs. His costume is almost identical to the one in DC Comics, maintaining his steam punk post-apocalyptic raider look.

How Important Is The Introduction Of The Accelerated Man?

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

The Flash has yet to introduce a speedster that wasn’t important in one way or another. Trajectory was the only one-off speedster so far, and she served a distinct purpose by helping Team Flash zero in on Zoom's identity, by realizing he was using Harry's speed drug. The Speedforce is arguably the most important element of Flash lore, and any speedster that derives their power from it is likely to be important as well.

Unlike characters that have been teased such as Batman, Green Lantern, and Nightwing, The Accelerated Man was cast and physically appeared on the show. It’s safe to say that The Flash writers had a very specific reason for putting him in the episode, and that it wasn’t just a nod to the fans – mostly because The Accelerated Man is too obscure to really have a fan base. It is very likely that all the speedsters who use the Speedforce will play a pivotal role in helping Barry stop Savitar.

Why Are Speedforce Users Important When It Comes To Stopping Savitar?

First off, Savitar is the fastest speedster we have ever seen on The Flash. He basically has no weaknesses, and could easily kill all of Team Flash in the blink of an eye. To stop Savitar, Barry is going to have to either get a lot faster, or find a way to trap him. Team Flash already tried the latter, and it did not work. The preview for Episode 15 shows that Team Flash's plans to trap Savitar in the Speedforce will backfire, and Savitar will somehow escape to continue his reign of terror.

Barry Allen and the other Speedforce users have an ability in the comics that they have not really used on the show yet: they can lend and borrow speed from each other, or the Speedforce. This could be be why the show has introduced more speedsters this year — because more speedsters allows for more speed for Barry to harness. The Accelerated Man is important to this theory, because this means that the multiverse has even more good speedsters we haven’t met yet.

The Flash Family [Credit: DC Comics]
The Flash Family [Credit: DC Comics]

Cisco becoming Vibe is also very important, because he opens the door to the multiverse, meaning Barry can find more speedsters to help him combat Savitar. An army of speedsters working independently won't be enough to defeat Savitar, but if they all collectively give Barry speed through the Speedforce, Barry could easily defeat Savitar once the playing-field is even. If Barry can figure out how to harness others' speed, he might also be able to steal speed from Savitar as well, leading to certain victory for Team Flash.

Each season of The Flash, Barry must come up with a new way to defeat the evil speedster. Season 1 was with the help of his friends, Season 2 was with the creation of time duplicates, and this season might be through the manipulation of the Speedforce. Whatever is in store for Team Flash, they don’t have much time left to stop Savitar, and it’s doubtful that Barry can do it alone. We’ll have to keep watching The Flash on Tuesdays 8PM/ET on The CW to see how it all plays out.

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