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Spoilers follow for The Flash Season 3 Episode 20, 'I Know Who You Are.'

The mystery surrounding Savitar’s identity has been a staple of The Flash Season 3, and fans went out of the minds trying to piece together clues to who was in the giant robotic suit. At the end of The Flash Season 3 Episode 20, titled ‘I Know Who You Are’, fans finally got the reveal they have been waiting for, and was finally unmasked.

The man who stepped out of Savitar’s armor was a future version of Barry Allen, and the internet exploded with a wide array of emotions. While Savitar's identity was a mystery to some, there were a lot of clues that were dropped throughout The Flash Season 3 that gave it away. During The Flash Season 3 Episode 1, a line of dialogue gave away who the big bad of Season 3 was, and no one noticed.

The Reverse-Flash Tells Barry The Consequences Of Changing The Timeline

Shortly after creating , Barry began to lose his memories, as the new reality he created began to overwrite the original timeline. He couldn’t figure out why this was happening, so he visited , a.k.a. Eobard Thawne.

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When Barry confronted Reverse-Flash, he learned that by creating Flashpoint, he inadvertently damaged the fabric of space & time. Barry becomes enraged, walks away, but then Thawne says a line of dialogue that foreshadowed everything to come in The Flash Season 3:

"Now who's the villain Flash? Now who's the villain?

This line of dialogue seemed like it was just Thawne trying to get under Barry’s skin, but now we know Savitar's identity, it seems eerily prescient. Indeed, the past 20 episodes seem to have been building up to a resolute answer to this question: now, unequivocally, Flash is the villain.

How Did Reverse-Flash Know Barry Would Become A Villain?

The Flash Season 3 has been about consequences, and how Barry’s actions affect those around him. During The Flash Season 3 Episode 1, the audience had no idea that the road coming back from Flashpoint would be so hard for Team Flash, but we quickly learned that Barry’s manipulation of the timeline came at a high cost. We saw Flashpoint affect Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, Iris, Joe, and Wally, but it was Barry who was being affected the most.

The Flash writers did a great job of concealing the toll Flashpoint had taken on Barry, by reminding us (through other characters) that he was the one responsible – because no one feels bad for the person who causes the problems.

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 brought up an interesting point: when Barry changed the timeline, he changed his own destiny as well. Reverse-Flash knew that the emotional toll would be too much for Barry to handle, and in the end, Barry became Flash’s greatest villain.

The Reverse-Flash knows a lot about Barry’s history, but since he was at the epicenter of Flashpoint, and was previously erased from the timeline after The Flash Season 1, it’s doubtful that he knew about Savitar. Due to Eobard Thawne’s knowledge of the Speed Force and time travel, he probably saw something like Flashpoint in his lifetime, and knew that Barry was headed down a dark path.

We don’t yet know why or how Barry became Savitar (or if it's another version of Barry), but we know that it was a direct result of Flashpoint. It’s likely that when Barry changed the timeline, he also became part of a self-fulfilling prophecy that led him to become a monster. With only a few episodes left in Season 3, Team Flash must find a way to defeat a future version of Barry Allen to save Iris’s life.

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