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Despite being overburdened with an excess of angst recently, Season 3 of The Flash has a really compelling plot, somehow managing to keep the old evil-speedster-mystery chestnut fresh. This time around, it's the endlessly monologuing Savitar, who honestly believes himself to be the God of Speed. While dealing with an actual deity would have been interesting, The Flash Season 3 Episode 16 confirms our suspicions that yes, there is a mere mortal hiding beneath Savitar's armor — and they're probably one of the members of Team Flash.

Last episode saw Team Flash settle down to another chat with Savitar — via poor mouthpiece Julian — and this season's Big Bad certainly seemed to know the team well, calling all of them by their first names.

Cisco preps Julian to act as Savitar's puppet — again. [Credit: The CW]
Cisco preps Julian to act as Savitar's puppet — again. [Credit: The CW]

This lead many fans to speculate that Savitar is the future version of one of the main characters — maybe even Flash himself. This was just a theory, but the latest episode of confirms that Savitar is someone we already know.

Savitar Has Lived These Events Already

In a true demonstration of badassery, Jesse Quick went after Savitar herself in "Into The Speed Force", and while Barry was busy having yet another existential crisis, Jesse managed to strike a blow at their enemy — learning a crucial clue in the process. Although she intended to ambush him, Savitar managed to get the jump on Jesse, explaining that there was no way she could surprise him.

"I know everything that happens — I've already lived it."

This simple line of dialogue seems to confirm the theory that Savitar is in fact a member of Team Flash, as he reveals that he's already lived through these events. This would imply that Savitar is one of the major players this season, as no-one but Team Flash knew exactly where Jesse went and how she battled Savitar.

Before this revelation, we assumed that Savitar could predict Team Flash's decisions because he came from the future — but his statement that he "lived it" has far more personal implications. It certainly seems like he's actually one of Barry's friends, or perhaps even Barry himself, which lines up with Savitar's hints last episode that the coming events would lead to his own creation.

"I never asked for any of this, Joe, I am only this way because of you. All of you."

Julian speaks for Savitar. [Credit: The CW]
Julian speaks for Savitar. [Credit: The CW]

The mystery of who Savitar really is has got rather tangled. He also hinted that "only one of us could live" (referring to either Iris or Barry), and that Barry "took everything" from him. Although first presented as a powerful ancient speedster, the reality of Savitar's origin story seems to be playing out right now, over the course of Season 3. And yet, this is all contrary to what we already know about Savitar.

The First Metahuman

Earlier on this season, Jay Garrick told Team Flash the legend of Savitar, revealing that he was the first metahuman in history, who got his speed from the Philosopher's Stone. Thought to be someone from ancient history, this mortal man turned speedster travelled throughout the multiverse, forming armies lead by various Doctor Alchemies, and battling any speedster powerful enough to match him.

Savitar's original human form as he discovers the Philosopher's Stone. [Credit: The CW]
Savitar's original human form as he discovers the Philosopher's Stone. [Credit: The CW]

Sometime in the near future, Savitar fought The Flash and Barry trapped him in the Speed Force, but the creation of another, slightly different timeline after Flashpoint allowed Savitar to manipulate Julian Albert into retrieving the Philosopher's Stone, eventually leading to Savitar being freed from the Speed Force by Wally West last episode.

So how does this line up with what we know now? As Team Flash clearly play a role in Savitar's creation, it seems that much of Savitar's ancient origins are a myth, and that he was not born in the distant past at all, but in present day. Of course, it could be that time travel is involved, and that whoever Savitar really is will be thrown into the past as a result of events yet to come, lining up with Savitar's apparent ancient origins.

Savitar threatens Jesse Quick. [Credit: The CW]
Savitar threatens Jesse Quick. [Credit: The CW]

This person who will eventually become Savitar may very well be "the one who will betray" Barry, as Savitar prophesied earlier in Season 3. Savitar also said that he never wanted to fight Flash, and that he sees Barry as a villain because of some anguish Barry caused him. It seems that, sometime soon, Barry will cause some tragic event that will lead one of his team to become Savitar, starting the whole story over again.

And we thought The Flash couldn't get any more confusing.


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