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The mid-season finale of The Flash aired last night on The CW. Even though we have to wait another six weeks to watch the next episode of the superhero series, there were a ton of cool moments. From a quick glance at Earth-3 to seeing Jay Garrick teaming up with Barry to defeat Savitar, I would proclaim this an awesome episode!

All in all, it was one of the better episodes of the season and I am really intrigued to see what happens after the holiday break. However, for as many questions that were answered in this week's episode, there were more questions raised. Let's take a look at some of the biggest ones hanging over our heads after viewing "The Present."

5. Will We See More Of Earth-3 This Season?

In the beginning of the episode, we saw Barry travel to Jay Garrick's Earth to retrieve him for some help fighting Savitar. Pictured above, we saw an intriguing look at Earth-3 with blimps flying above a colorful Central City. We also got to meet Jay Garrick's Trickster, who was played by Mark Hamill and dons a lot of similarities to the Joker (who Hamill voiced in an array of DC's animated works). While it was a shame the Trickster only showed up for a short time due to Mark's conflicting schedule shooting the latest Star Wars, it was a great cameo nevertheless.

The question here is if we will get to return to Earth-3, as it seems like a very fun location for an episode later this season. Perhaps the show can do a two-part episode where some members of Team Flash travel to Earth-3 like they did last season with "Welcome to Earth-2" and "Escape to Earth-2." We have been told that Barry will team up with Jay Garrick more often in the back-half of Season 3 and hopefully, some of these team-ups will appear on Jay Garrick's Earth. One episode that could potentially take place on his Earth is the Gorilla Grodd episode we have been told will air later this season as Jay Garrick hinted at the fact that Gorilla City is located on his Earth last season.

4. Are Barry And Cisco Friends Again?

Speaking of "Welcome to Earth-2"...
Speaking of "Welcome to Earth-2"...

One of the story arcs featured this season tha I haven't been very fond of is the grudge Cisco has been holding over Barry. Obviously, you'd expect Cisco to be pretty angry when he finds out that Barry's selfish decision to change the timeline resulted in killing his brother. However, the drama between the two ex-friends dragged on a little too far. After "Invasion!," we saw that Cisco was at least on good terms with Barry but not exactly best friends again.

After the crossover, a lot of us expected the mid-season finale to finally repair their relationship, especially considering Cisco was going to have visions of Dante. In reality, Barry and Cisco had very little interaction as Cisco was interacting with Caitlin most of the episode. I hope by the time we return from the winter break Cisco and Barry are best friends once again and we don't have to see mopey Cisco anytime soon!

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3. What Did Savitar's Prophecy Mean?

In this week's outstanding episode, we saw Team Flash communicating with the "God of Speed" named Savitar through Julian's body and the Philosopher's Stone thanks to another handy device of Cisco's. Not only does Savitar reveal his intentions to Team Flash but a terrifying prophecy revolving around their team:

"One shall betray you, one shall fall, and one shall suffer a fate far worse than death!"

Obviously, this raises three huge questions: Which three unlucky characters are the subjects of these horrifying prophecies? Personally, I have my own theories on who these characters may be.

I believe Caitlin Snow will be the character that ends up betraying Team Flash as that is her destiny in both the TV show and the comics. It may not happen this season, but eventually, Caitlin Snow will fall.

Also, the one who will suffer is probably Iris considering Savitar himself is the one who kills her only five months from now. Obviously, Barry will try and change the future but as of now, Iris' death is destined to happen.

Last but not least, I believe the character who will "suffer a fate far worse than death" is going to be Wally. There has been many hints across the four shows towards an eventual "crisis," and if that is true, I believe either Savitar or some other speedster traps Wally inside the Speed Force "forever." In the comics, Wally West was stuck inside the speed force for many years until this year in DC Universe Rebirth where he managed to escape.

2. Is Iris Going To Be Killed By Savitar In The Season Finale?

Arguably the biggest shocker from last night's episode was when Barry traveled into the future accidentally, only to see his lover Iris being killed by the hands of Savitar right in front of Barry's future self. This raises a whole lot of questions not just about Iris' fate but the timeline as well.

First of all, does this mean Iris is going to die? The scene we saw was five months in the future in that particular timeline. This means that if the timeline isn't altered and Barry doesn't defeat Savitar in less than five months, the death of is eventually going to happen. Whether or not this event will take place is up in the air, but it tells us what the second half of the season will be about.

Up to this point, Barry and the rest of Team Flash had to deal with all of the changes made due to Flashpoint. From here on out, Barry has to find a way to permanently defeat Savitar and change the timeline without jeopardizing it once again. One of the main themes will have Barry coming to terms with the fact that the future isn't set and that his powers aren't going to change the future — it will be his actions.

1. Who Is Savitar?

In the winter finale, it is revealed that Savitar is the first ever speedster who has knowledge of the future and is super powerful. Like the Reverse Flash, he is an enemy of Barry's in the future and has come to 2016 to seek revenge. After watching the episode, most people thought that Savitar doesn't necessarily have a secret identity. However, I believe that this is not the case and that there is a huge twist waiting to be unraveled with Savitar's character.

What if Savitar isn't who Team Flash believes he is; what if Savitar is future Barry Allen? If Barry becomes Savitar, the big bad of Season 3 will actually end up being radically different from the show’s previous villains and it would probably be the biggest twist the show has ever had.

However, the comics have showed an alternate, evil version of Barry Allen and in at this point on the show, this theory isn't too far-fetched considering all the damage Barry has done. The negative effects of Flashpoint aren't going to go away anytime soon and there are a various number of ways we could see an alternate version of Barry Allen hiding behind the mask of Savitar. *dramatic music cue*


What are you guys looking forward to the most this second half of the season?

What do you guys think? What are else are you expecting to see? Tell me below!


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