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Without a doubt, the Season 3 finale of The Flash was one of the most shocking episodes that the beloved series has ever produced. With its main protagonist disappearing into the Speed Force, it really looked like the show was set to take us in a different direction for Season 4. And perhaps more importantly, it looked like we had seen the last of Barry Allen.

However, after months of waiting, The Flash exploded back onto our screens with its Season 4 premiere, "Reborn." And not only did it finally unveil how our favorite speedster returned, it managed thrilled us in just about every way possible.

But it also presented us with some mysteries of its own. With that in mind, let's take a look at the biggest questions we were left with after the premiere.

Note: Spoilers for The Flash Season 4 will follow.

1. What Happened To Barry In The Speed Force?

When Barry returned he wasn't himself. [Credit: The CW]
When Barry returned he wasn't himself. [Credit: The CW]

When Barry Allen agreed to enter the Speed Force prison in the Season 3 finale, he did so with the intention of never returning. But as Team Flash were desperate to save Central City in the Season 4 premiere (and missed him terribly), they ripped him from the mystical dimension and brought him back to their plane of existence. But when he returned, he wasn't all there.

Unable to make sense of anything, or fully comprehend what was happening to him, it really seemed like Barry had gone mad. Caitlin suggested that his time in the Speed Force may have been less like six months and could have actually been 10,000 years (as the realm exists beyond space and time) and that being there for that length of time could have resulted in dimensia.

But when Barry's desire to save Iris restored his memories, his speed was better than ever. Yes, he was finally the fastest man alive. But more than that, he was happier, more confident and free from the burdens of his previous mistakes. Even he couldn't explain it. But he did mention that he couldn't remember his time in the Speed Force, or his period of senselessness after he was freed. Thus, we have to wonder: What happened to Barry in the Speed Force to have such an adverse effect on him? And will his amnesia have a role to play later in the season?

2. What Is Going On With Caitlin?

Caitlin tries to overcome her Killer Frost persona. [Credit: The CW]
Caitlin tries to overcome her Killer Frost persona. [Credit: The CW]

When we last saw Caitlin in the Season 3 finale of The Flash, she had overcome the Killer Frost-shaped evil within. Helping her friends defeat Savitar, she re-appeared at H.R. Wells' funeral, still sporting her frosty white hair. She told her former teammates that she wouldn't be taking the cure, but that she wasn't Killer Frost anymore either. And with that, she left.

However, fast forward five months and Caitlin Snow was once again sporting her trademark brown hair as she served customers in Central City's dive bar. But after Cisco pleaded with her, she returned to Team Flash and happily helped them save Barry, and it seemed like she really had overcome her demons.

But as she returned to the bar at the end of the episode, things got strange. She told a rather shady-looking man to tell Amunette that she was "out." This didn't go down too well with him as he grabbed her threateningly. But Caitlin let the ice queen loose as her eyes glazed over and her hair turned white. Killer Frost easily overpowered the man and once again reinforced that she was "out" before she gave him a little "brainfreeze."

But it wasn't long before Killer Frost was overcome with pain and transformed back into Caitlin. As she gripped the gate beside her, a panicking Caitlin exclaimed "Not again" as she exited. And this leaves us wondering: Have Caitlin and Killer Frost reached some sort of uneasy alliance? How is it that Caitlin suddenly has the control when it was the other way around last season? Furthermore, who is Amunette, and what was Caitlin really up to during her five month absence?

3. What's Next For WestAllen?

Barry and Iris are reunited. [Credit: The CW]
Barry and Iris are reunited. [Credit: The CW]

While it was undoubtedly hard for her to do, Iris did everything Barry asked of her before he left. She grew, she loved and she ran as fast as she could. But after getting used to world without the love of her life, she was completely caught off-guard by his return. While that didn't stop them from sharing a lovely embrace in the episode's closing moments, we have to wonder how the couple will deal with their unexpected reunion.

It's very clear that Iris West and Barry Allen are destined to be together forever, but they will likely need to do some adapting before they can get back to normal. Season 3 of The Flash received criticism for turning Iris in the "damsel in distress" while the Season 4 trailers were commended for portraying her as a fearless leader in Barry's absence. Thus, we have to wonder how Barry will adapt to this new, stronger Iris.

With the synopsis for the next episode confirming that the two will be going to couple's therapy, it's possible that their reuniting may not be as loving as we hoped it would be. However, if we're looking ahead, then we can't ignore the fact that this year's CW crossover will be centred around Barry and Iris' wedding. Thus, while it may be an eventful year for the pair, this is proof that we should never count WestAllen out.

4. What Are The Thinker's Plans For The Flash?

Samuroid was merely a pawn in DeVoe and the Mechanic's bigger plan. [Credit: The CW]
Samuroid was merely a pawn in DeVoe and the Mechanic's bigger plan. [Credit: The CW]

After the Flash defeated the supernatural sword-wielding samurai, it was revealed that this threat wasn't actually a person, but an android. Barry ripped off what he thought was the assailant's mask only to discover a circuit board underneath. And before the machine died, it managed to mumble "Flash. Welcome home."

We soon found out that the culprits behind Samuroid's fury were the Mechanic and this season's Big Bad, Clifford "the Thinker" DeVoe. But that raises the question: Why did a supervillain go to such effort to bring the city's greatest superhero back to reality? Moreover, what plans does he ultimately have for the Scarlet Speedster?

5. Alls Wells But Where's Wells?

There were no Harrison Wells' in the Season 4 premiere. [Credit: The CW]
There were no Harrison Wells' in the Season 4 premiere. [Credit: The CW]

Team Flash may have struggled to keep the city safe in Barry's absence, but we couldn't help but notice one of the main reasons why. Despite having Iris, Kid Flash, Vibe and Joe West, Team Flash was considerably low on numbers, and more importantly, considerably low on Wells.

Since the beginning of the show, the team has always had a version of Harrison Wells behind the computer, helping them out of sticky situations. In Season 1, we saw the Reverse-Flash possess the body of Earth-1's Harrison Wells (after killing the real Wells) as he tricked the team into thinking he really was him. After the villain's death, Season 2 saw the debut of Harry: The moody but lovable Earth-2 version of Wells. But when he went back to Earth-2, Season 3 saw the arrival of Earth-19's clumsy non-genius writer, H.R. Wells.

When H.R. bravely sacrificed himself in the Season 3 finale, Harry stepped in to help the team stop Savitar. Moreover, he promised Barry that he would stick around to be there for the team in his absence. Yet, he was inexplicably absent during the Season 4 premiere. So it leaves us wondering if he returned to Earth-2 again, and if he intends on coming back.

However, fans of Tom Cavanagh needn't worry as the actor is indeed still a series regular this season. And with recent rumors suggesting that we may be seeing a new iteration of Harrison Wells for Season 4, I think we should be prepared for Cavanagh to deliver another brilliant performance.

With the Scarlet Speedster back in business, the residents of Central City will certainly be sleeping a lot easier. But his return brings some interesting questions with it, and leaves us wondering about the direction of the show this season. While the premiere was definitely a welcome breath of fresh air after the darkness of Season 3, it will be interesting to see how all of its storylines progress going forward.

From Barry's inexplicable memory loss to Caitlin's internal struggle, it's clear that a lot of our biggest queries have yet to be answered. And while the show's Season 4 premiere undoubtedly provided us with some much-needed answers, it left us with so many more questions.

Are you excited about the return of The Flash? Let us know in the comments below!


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