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Now that The Flash has finally returned to our screens for its fourth season, we're truly bidding farewell to the grim tone of Season 3. With a much more lighthearted Season 4 premiere, it's clear that the show is heading in a much more fun direction.

With singing Barry, hilarious therapy sessions and a good old-fashioned meta on the loose, it's great to see that the show is back to doing what it does best.

However, as we saw in the season's second episode, it still has the ability to shock and surprise us. Thus, with that in mind, let's take a look at the most jaw-dropping moments from The Flash Season 4, Episode 2, titled "Therapy."

1. Barry And Iris Attend Therapy

Barry and Iris attend therapy to work on their relationship. [Credit: The CW]
Barry and Iris attend therapy to work on their relationship. [Credit: The CW]

While all of Team Flash were overjoyed to have Barry Allen back from the Speed Force, nobody was happier than Barry himself. In fact, he was so keen to throw himself into everything that he began annoying some of his team, particularly his fiancee Iris. From canceling their training session, to taking care of all of their wedding plans, Barry seemed to a little too coordinated and Iris began to feel completely obsolete.

However, upon Caitlin's suggestion, the two attended couple's therapy. And in a totally hilarious collection of scenes, they fell into all of the traditional therapy traps, and ended up making a poor impression on the therapist. Iris eventually exploded at Barry, unable to understand why he left her for five months.

It was a poignant moment that was made all the more effective by the sudden disappearance of humor. Moreover, it was the outburst that finally allowed them to work through their issues and get back on the same page.

2. Killgore Strikes

Killgore makes his presence felt in a big way. [Credit: The CW]
Killgore makes his presence felt in a big way. [Credit: The CW]

When arrogant businessman Karl Weaver was busy checking out an apartment (which some eagle-eyed viewers may have recognised as Felicity's apartment in ), things took a turn for the worst. As he descended in the complex's elevator, the machine suddenly stopped. The confused tycoon tried to figure out what had happened, but before he could do so, the touchpad glowed with the word "Killgore."

He jumped with fright, knowing that it signaled the worst. And before he could fully react, the lift roared to life and began going up and down at an incredibly rapid pace. When it finally plummeted to the ground, a poor unsuspecting old lady was traumatized by the sight before her, as Killgore watched in the background — with an evil glint in his purple eyes.

3. Gypsy Unwittingly Helps Cisco Crack The Code

Cisco and Gypsy were unwittingly on the same wavelength. [Credit: The CW]
Cisco and Gypsy were unwittingly on the same wavelength. [Credit: The CW]

When Gypsy breached in from Earth-19, she was hoping to meet Cisco for their planned date. But things didn't go as planned due to Cisco's commitments to Team Flash's mission. As he and Caitlin tried to crack Killgore's technological code, he wasn't able to make time for his girlfriend. And the fearless Earth-19 bounty hunter wasn't happy about it. But for the first time, she wasn't angry — she was just hurt.

Eventually, she revealed that she reason she was being so uncharacteristically sentimental was because it was "111 Day" on Earth-19. Cisco didn't understand what that meant, and she revealed that it was their equivalent of Valentine's Day because "1 soul + 1 soul = 1 soul." The statement prompted Cisco to figure out how to cancel out Killgore's virus with numbers.

It was a fun little way of including the episode's secondary arc in the main storyline and showed a softer side to Gypsy that we don't see enough. So let's hope we see plenty more of her this season.

4. Barry's New Suit Inflates

Barry's suit inflated. [Credit: The CW]
Barry's suit inflated. [Credit: The CW]

When Barry got his new suit in the Season 4 premiere, I think it's safe to say that we were all excited. However, none of us stopped to think of the negative aspects of a new suit. But that's because there couldn't possibly be any downsides to an upgrade, right? Wrong.

Cisco had installed numerous unnecessary upgrades in the new Flash suit and, as a result, it started misbehaving while Barry came up against the technology-controlling metahuman Killgore. In a hilarious scene reminiscent of the issues Peter Parker ran into in , Killgore infects Barry's suit and the Scarlet Speedster is helpless as the upgrades begin taking out.

With his comms disabled, he finally managed to call S.T.A.R. Labs on a payphone to get help from his team. But things only got worse when it inflated by itself while he was still wearing it — making The Flash a whole lot wider than he ever needed to be. Apparently Cisco thought it needed a built-in raft. While that actually makes some sense, it provided for one of the most hilarious scenes that we've ever seen on the show, as the rotund suit engulfed Barry.

5. The Flash Throws A Lightning Bolt At Himself

Barry throws a bolt of lightning. [Credit: The CW]
Barry throws a bolt of lightning. [Credit: The CW]

While Barry encountered a lot of issues with his new suit, the worst of them all was the self-destruct mode. Apparently Cisco was so worried about Barry turning evil (after their experience with Savitar) that he installed a self-destruct mode in the new suit. But it backfired completely as Killgore was able to hack it. And as a result, Barry couldn't even strip off the suit to save his life.

In a moment that finally allowed him and Iris to deal with their issues, Barry opened his ears and promised to listen to Iris. Despite opposition from Caitlin and Cisco, the intrepid reporter suggested that Barry throw a lightning bolt at himself in order to short-circuit the suit. While it was a risky move that could have stopped his heart, it worked out for the best, and it allowed Iris to be the one who saved Barry.

6. The Thinker Has Plans For The New Metas

DeVoe was thinking about what comes next. [Credit: The CW]
DeVoe was thinking about what comes next. [Credit: The CW]

Following the shocking revelation that Killgore wasn't in Central City during the particle accelerator explosion (and thus, it wasn't responsible for turning him into a metahuman), this week's post-credits scene saw the season's Big Bad, Clifford "The Thinker" DeVoe, monitoring the villain in Iron Heights. He then instructed his right-hand woman, The Mechanic, to find the rest of them.

With new metahumans on the loose, we have to wonder where they came from — and more importantly, what does DeVoe need them for?

The second episode of The Flash Season 4 was undoubtedly an enjoyable return to form for the series. With Barry back to his humorous self and Team Flash back on the same wavelength, The Thinker will have his work cut out for him if he wants to try and stop this colorful team of . However, as we saw in the episode's conclusion, he has something else planned. The only question is: What?

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