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Ever since his supernatural return from the Speed Force, Barry Allen has had an overwhelmingly positive outlook on everything in his life. In fact, it seems that he even enjoys being the Flash again — something the show lost sight of during its dark third season.

With two victories already under his belt since his return, it's safe to say that he's been the good luck charm that Team Flash needed. But, as this week's episode of The Flash proved: Sometimes, your luck just runs out.

The third episode of the new season, "Luck Be A Lady" introduced us to the aptly named metahuman, Hazard — and that alone made for some unbelievable moments. However, that only scratched the surface of the shocks that the episode provided us with. So taking that into account, let's take a look at the episode's most jaw-dropping moments.

1. Harry Returns With A Sad Message

He's back: Tom Cavanagh returns as Earth-2's Wells. [Credit: The CW]
He's back: Tom Cavanagh returns as Earth-2's Wells. [Credit: The CW]

Much like we saw on last week's installment, this episode also featured a Team Flash member eagerly waiting in S.T.A.R. Labs for their inter-dimensional loved one to arrive. However, this time it wasn't Cisco waiting on Earth-19's Gypsy. Instead, it was Kid Flash himself, Wally West, waiting on his girlfriend Jesse Quick to arrive from Earth-2.

But unfortunately for Wally, it wasn't Jesse who came through the breach — it was her father, Harry Wells (the moody but lovable Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells). As subtle as ever, Harry handed Wally a break-up cube (which is apparently a thing on Earth-2) and it began playing a message from Jesse. Although it cut out half way through (darn Atlantean plastic!), Wells revealed that Jesse was indeed breaking up with Wally.

2. Team Flash Find Out That They Created The New Metahumans

Barry's return from the Speed Force exposed the bus to dark matter. [Credit: The CW]
Barry's return from the Speed Force exposed the bus to dark matter. [Credit: The CW]

Last week's episode left us asking questions when Killgore revealed that a brand new set of metahumans had risen in Central City. This was shocking because all Earth-1 metahumans were born from the particle accelerator explosion back in the Pilot. Thus, we were left wondering: What could have created these new metas? Thankfully, "Luck Be A Lady" provided us with the answers we were looking for.

The episode opened with Hazard herself, Becky Sharp, and her dreaded run of bad luck from three weeks earlier. This eventually led her to get on a bus (on which we saw Killgore). As she sat down, her face was engulfed by bright light before the episode cut to the present day.

However, later in the episode, Team Flash traced the dark matter they found on Hazard back to a crossroads in Central City. And in that moment, everything became clear. That crossroads was the exact location in which Barry returned to Earth-1 after six months in the Speed Force. And if you recall, you'll remember that he breached through in a flash of light, right as a bus drove past. Thus, the bus of 12 people was exposed to the dark matter from the Speed Force, making them all metahumans.

3. Hazard's Quantum Field Expands

The Flash ends up wearing the cuffs he brought for Hazard. [Credit: The CW]
The Flash ends up wearing the cuffs he brought for Hazard. [Credit: The CW]

Throughout the entire episode, Team Flash were convinced that they were cursed with bad luck. But Barry thought otherwise, claiming that as long as Becky wasn't anywhere near them, they were free from her bad luck charms. However, the final act of the episode saw Becky achieve incredible success in a casino. And in order to balance all that good luck out, her quantum field expanded — cursing a much wider area with bad luck.

As planes malfunctioned and descended, Cecile and Joe were trapped in their own house with hazards all around them. And as Team Flash tried to stop Becky, the particle accelerator turned itself on and threatened to explode. Even Barry wasn't safe from her wave of bad luck as he ended up slipping on a pile of coins and accidentally cuffed himself with his own metahuman-dampening handcuffs.

Rendered speedless by the cuffs, all The Flash could do was watch as Hazard's gambling success continued. However, it was Harry and Cisco who saved the day, as they allowed the particle accelerator to explode and release a charge that temporarily negated Hazard's quantum field.

4. Cisco Asks Harry To Stay

Harry is touched by Cisco's offer. [Credit: The CW]
Harry is touched by Cisco's offer. [Credit: The CW]

After revealing that his own daughter kicked him off Earth-2's version of Team Flash, Harry was clearly upset about his sudden lack of purpose. However, after once again helping his friends on Earth-1's Team Flash save the day, he prepared to return home. But in a hilariously touching moment, Cisco asked him to stay, citing his lack of a life on Earth-2 as a good excuse to start over permanently on Earth-1. And while he never actually confirmed it, the smile on Harry's face suggested that he was thinking about it.

After a two episode absence, it's great to have Tom Cavanagh back on the show. Moreover, it's great to have Harry back on the show. While Cavanagh portrayed Earth-1 Wells (whose body was inhabited by the evil Reverse-Flash) on Season 1, he did a fantastic job bringing Harry to life during Season 2. His comedic turn as the Earth-19 version, H.R. Wells, in Season 3 was also met with acclaim.

However, H.R.'s death in the Season 3 finale had us wondering if we would see a fourth Wells for Season 4. But now, it seems like we're going to get the beloved Harry back full-time for the first time since Season 2. And that is undoubtedly a great thing. Known for his grumpy attitude and good heart, Harry is arguably the show's strongest iteration of Harrison Wells, and I couldn't be happier to see him sticking around.

5. Wally Announces He's Leaving Central City

Goodbye Kid Flash: Wally bid farewell to all of Team Flash. [Credit: The CW]
Goodbye Kid Flash: Wally bid farewell to all of Team Flash. [Credit: The CW]

Finding himself sidelined once again, the heartbroken Wally West took a trip to Earth-2 (off-screen) to visit Jesse. Upon hearing that she needed to find herself as an individual, he concluded that it was time for him to do the same. So, he announced that he would be leaving Central City. With that, he gave all of his loved ones the biggest hugs he could muster before departing S.T.A.R. Labs.

Even though actor Keiynan Lonsdale is a series regular and will undoubtedly be back, it was still an unexpected and bittersweet moment. It's great to see Wally finally voicing his desire to stand alone, but will we get to see his journey onscreen?

6. Cecile Reveals That She's Pregnant

Joe is gobsmacked by Cecile's reveal. [Credit: The CW]
Joe is gobsmacked by Cecile's reveal. [Credit: The CW]

Without a doubt, Joe West is one of the greatest fathers on . Not only did he raise his own strong-willed daughter, Iris, he also took in Barry Allen when his mother was killed and raised him like a son. Years later, he discovered that Iris's mother had a second child just after she left him — Wally West. And despite a rough patch, it didn't take long for the father and son to have one of the show's most endearing relationships.

Now with Iris engaged to Barry and heading Team Flash, Barry being the Flash, and Wally seeking to find himself as Kid Flash, Joe was caught off-guard when his girlfriend Cecile suggested that he sell the house. He was initially reluctant to lose the place where his children grew up, but he eventually agreed with her.

However, the post-credits scene completely changed things. Cecile revealed that Joe's love of his children (and the memories of them that the house holds) convinced her against selling. Moreover, it also prompted her to reveal that she's pregnant.

Joe's face dropped with shock as he blankly stared at her, unsure of how to react. And just like that, the episode ended after what was arguably the season's most jaw-dropping moment yet.

Hazard's introduction to The Flash definitely made for one heck of a fun episode. However, for originally seeming like a typical villain-of-the-week episode, it ended up having a major impact on the show. As one beloved character returned, another departed and it left us asking questions about both of their futures.

Moreover, now that we know Team Flash is responsible for creating the new group of metahumans, we have to wonder how they will track them all down. But the real question is: Will they get to them before The Thinker? It's clear that this season's Big Bad has evil intentions for the metas, but just what does he need them for?

Did you enjoy The Flash Season 4, Episode 3 "Luck Be A Lady"? Let us know in the comments below!


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