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A naked, bearded version of The Flash ran back into our lives this week to kickstart Season 4, messing with our minds even more than the Speed Force messed with Barry's. Of course, it didn't take too long for The Flash to restore the status quo — and Barry's dignity either, for that matter. Fortunately for the fans though, "The Flash Reborn" raised a whole new set of mysteries that sets up a rather intriguing story arc for Season 4.

Team Flash Is About To Get A Whole Lot Bigger

When he wasn't writing out strange alien symbols, Barry Allen spent a lot of this episode speaking in riddles, mumbling about loud stars and chatting with Oliver Queen. Team Flash worried that Barry was suffering from some sort of dementia following his imprisonment in the Speed Force.

However, it seems far more likely that Barry's mind was still trapped in the erratic time-stream of the Speed Force, remembering what had been revealed to him about other time periods. As Caitlin Snow points out, The Speed Force transcends time, so it's entirely possible that Barry has now seen glimpses of both his past and future during his time away. This seems to be confirmed by callbacks to previous events in Barry's life, including the death of his mother.

It's likely that the "gibberish" Barry spoke will become more and more significant in future episodes of The Flash. For now though, there's one particular line that stood out to us, one that suggests even more speedsters could soon join the show, but in miniature form...

After Caitlin and Cisco Ramon revive The Flash in STAR Labs, Barry throws out this rather bizarre comment with a bemused smile on his face:

"We're going to need more diapers."

Knowing that Barry and Iris will marry later in Season 4, it's not much of a surprise to imagine that the pair will one day have children. However, the fact that Barry is in need of extra diapers suggests that WestAllen may raise twins in the future, a twist that parallels developments in the comics.

Who Are The Tornado Twins?

The Flash [Credit: DC Comics]
The Flash [Credit: DC Comics]

In the source material, there are a number of different ways that this story played out, but perhaps the most recognizable is the union shared between and Linda Park. Together, the two proud parents raised twin children called Jai and Iris West. Upon discovering that they both possessed super-speed like their father, the two children eventually dubbed themselves the Tornado Twins and even fought evil alongside The Legion of Superheroes. That's right, guys. More speedsters are coming.

If The Flash TV show decides to follow this storyline, tweaks will inevitably have to be made. After dealing with the likes of Barry and Emo Barry in Season 3, the idea of including two versions of a character called Iris West on the show would be a step too far.

Whether this line means something or not though, we wouldn't be surprised if children were in the cards for Barry and Iris anyway following their upcoming wedding. Assuming that The Flash will continue to run indefinitely, fantasies about how the Tornado Twins could herald an eventual guest appearance from The Legion of Superheroes are already circling our minds. This wouldn't be too much of a surprise given that Supergirl did hint at this too...

Of course, there's also the possibility that just went crazy after returning from the Speed Force and he really does think that "This house is bitchin'." After all, far stranger things have happened on this show.

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