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There's no doubt about it: The closing moments of The Flash's Season 3 finale took us all by surprise and left us in complete shock. Moreover, it also left us with countless unanswered questions regarding the show's future, its direction next season and, most importantly, the fate of the Scarlet Speedster himself, Barry Allen.

The show's Comic-Con trailer highlighted that Team Flash won't be giving up on their hero in Season 4 and will attempt to bring him back to stop a new threat that has arisen in his absence. But the showrunners were very careful not to actually show Barry in the trailer.

However, after all the ambiguity, we now finally have actual proof that Barry will return this season. Just ahead of the show's return next month, The CW has released a brand new trailer, revealing the fate of The Flash. Check it out below:

The Flash Reborn

Since Barry sacrificed himself to the Speed Force last season, the vast majority of us Flash fans have wondered if we truly saw the last of the show's primary protagonist. With rumors of Kid Flash taking over the sacred mantle and a possible mini-reboot on the cards, it really did seem like we had bid farewell to Barry Allen.

However, it was eventually confirmed that actor Grant Gustin would be returning for the show's fourth season, and that Barry would inevitably return from the Speed Force. But, as exciting as that was, it was even more incredible to hear that the show would be paying tribute to the iconic Rebirth storyline from the comics (which also deals with the return of Barry Allen). In fact, in another amazing homage to the storyline, the season premiere is titled "Reborn."

From the new trailer, it's clear that we are indeed going to see a live-action adaptation of Rebirth. While we don't yet know how Barry has returned to this plane of existence, we can see that he doesn't seem quite like himself — the facial hair is a far cry from the usual clean-shaven Barry Allen we're used to seeing on the show. Ironically, Gustin usually sports facial hair during the show's summer hiatus, and it seems the showrunners have decided to include this to highlight just how different Barry will be after his rebirth.

But, it doesn't take long before we see that familiar Flash-like glint — or perhaps we should say, electricity — in his eyes. Thus, while he may not seem like himself to begin with, we can all rest assured that the Flash will inevitably be reborn. And that is a sight I can't wait to see.

It looks like rumors of Barry Allen's demise have been greatly exaggerated, as this new Season 4 trailer for The Flash confirms that our beloved Scarlet Speedster will return to Central City. While his disheveled and confused demeanor certainly suggests that he will be a very different Barry Allen, we can only hope that the promise of a new suit from Cisco will return him to where he belongs — by the sides of his fellow .

Moreover, with the allusion to the new suit's debut, and the show's brand new logo to close out the trailer, it seems like The Flash is following in its titular character's footsteps and undergoing a rebirth of its own. And after Season 3 wasn't the show's strongest outing, I am incredibly excited to see how The Flash is reborn heading in Season 4.

The Flash will return to The CW on Tuesday October 10, 2017.

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