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It should come as no surprise that The Flash will introduce a new villain for Season 4. And since he's always faced off against another speedster in the past three seasons, it's a fairly novel idea to introduce an antagonist that isn't quite so fast on his feet. Enter Clifford Devoe, aka The Thinker.

When executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told fans at Paley Fest in LA a few months ago that season four of The Flash wouldn't feature a speedster, fans were relieved. Even though Eobard Thawne is as gold-standard as they come, Zoom was give-or-take, and Savitar was just not quite what we had expected. Shifting gears to show off Barry's other skills, and his brain, is a welcome change for the series.

Now the team at That Hashtag Show has uncovered that Barry is going to meet two other characters in Season 4: another villain and a unique hero. So let's examine what we're likely to see from all three new characters thanks in part to character breakdowns from the production.

Clifford DeVoe - The Thinker

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Male, 40-50, Any Ethnicity. After being caught in the particle accelerator explosion, Clifford Devoe became an extremely intelligent meta-human. A super genius who’s plans to fix all he sees wrong with humanity. REGULAR FOR SEASON 4

Speculations as to the next villain in The Flash were all over the place, but the key to his identity was found in the episode titled "Abra Kadabra" when the villain of the same name taunted The Flash, saying that he knew that Barry's greatest foes were always "Thawne, Zoom and DeVoe." Then again in the episode "Finish Line" Savitar mentions fighting Devoe. Although DeVoe won't be the first non-speedster criminal to face The Flash, he will be the first major supervillain.

Devoe, in the comics, was originally a recurring villain for Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick. He was a former lawyer who pursued a life of villainy as a founding member of the Injustice Society. (Does that hint towards what else could be on the horizon?) DeVoe, although not a strong fighter, used technology and his superior intellect to help smaller criminals commit crimes.

There's a chance that the show could merge Clifford DeVoe's character with the A.I. that took on his name after Mister Terrific used DeVoe's technology to try to duplicate his brain patterns. The cybernetic entity is able to project holograms and retreat into cyberspace, which could be an interesting direction for The Flash.

The Mechanic

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Female, 30-40, Any Ethnicity. An extremely intelligent engineer who will design devices for Clifford Devoe. Basically, Devoe’s right hand. She’ll support Devoe no matter the consequences. RECURRING GUEST

There really isn't much known about this character, since she doesn't seem to appear on the pages of the comics. This leads us to imagine that she is likely an original character, or perhaps she's based on a fairly minor character in the comics.

Either way, it sure sounds as though she's committed to serving DeVoe and could be a good match tech for tech against Team Flash.

Ralph Dibney - The Elongated Man

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Male, Mid to late 30s, Any Ethnicity. A Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt type. Ralph is able to drastically change the shape of his body, but is having a difficult time changing his ways. Will most likely be comedic relief for the season. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR, COULD COME BACK IN SEASON 5

This sounds promising as a character like Dibny will surely bring some much-needed comedic relief to the show. That's not all he has going for him, however, as Dibny in the comics is an accomplished chemist and one of DC's finest detectives.

Dibny often implemented the same style of deductive logic that we'd associate with a character like Sherlock Holmes. The death of his wife Sue left a great mark on the character, and helped shape who he became. Based on the character description it's likely that we'll see a similar situation come about on the show, at least in some fashion.

So there you have it: plenty of good things coming in Season 4 of The Flash. Are you ready to slow down a bit and see Barry Allen and the team face off against some non-speedsters when the show returns in October?

How do you think the team will deal with a character like The Thinker? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

(Source: That Hashtag Show)


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