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The third season of The Flash was undoubtedly full of jaw-dropping moments, but nothing was more shocking than the season finale, which saw Barry Allen sacrifice himself to the Speed Force prison. The moment was not only heartbreaking for those of us who thought he had finally reclaimed his happiness (after a season full of darkness), but it left the show without a Flash to protect the residents of Central City.

Potential spoilers follow for The Flash Season 4.

With Barry's absence, fans began to wonder if we would see another speedster rise to take over the iconic mantle, especially due to the fact that two of the other comic book Flashes were present for the event. Jay Garrick, who is the first Flash in the comics, also happens to be Earth-3's Flash on the show. Furthermore Wally West, who is currently Kid Flash on the show, ends up taking over the Flash mantle in the comics upon Barry's death. So there is definitely a strong case for each contender.

But after all the questions surrounding the future of the Flash mantle, it seems that we finally have our answer.

Kid Flash, Is That You?

With Season 4 beginning production last week, new set photos have emerged which reveal that Barry Allen's Flash successor is none other than Kid Flash himself: Wally West. Actor Kieynan Lonsdale was spotted on set of The Flash in Vancouver, wearing the iconic red suit normally worn by Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. Check out the photos below:

While the set photos are very intriguing, it's unlikely that Wally will be unseating Barry as the show's central protagonist. Lonsdale has previously spoken about the idea of Wally becoming The Flash and didn't seem so keen on doing it so soon, preferring to focus on Wally's natural growth as a character. Furthermore, as Grant Gustin is returning as a series regular for Season 4 of The Flash, you can bet that he will be maintaining his lead role as the titular character.

But despite the confusion surrounding Wally's role, it will be fun to see him become The Flash, even if it is only temporary. Whether it's simply an act to put Central City at ease or a sign of things to come, for now it seems like Wally West is indeed the Flash. Run Wally, Run!

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