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With Season 3 of The Flash in the rearview mirror, our attention now turns to the show's upcoming fourth season. And when the series returns in October, we should probably expect some major changes to the show's format and its characters. But more than that, one thing that we can guarantee is about to change will be the show's primary villain.

With the Scarlet Speedster having already gone up against the likes of the Reverse-Flash, Zoom and Savitar, he will now be faced with a new type of Big Bad next season. According to TVLine, that villain will be none other than Clifford DeVoe.

This might not come as a shock to some fans who had already predicted DeVoe's involvement next season, due to the multiple times he was referred to during Season 3. While listing the Flash's greatest enemies, both Abra Kadabra and Savitar — who were villains from the future — spoke of his battles with DeVoe, making us wonder if the character would indeed appear in some capacity next season.

A New Type Of Villain

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

In the comics, DeVoe was an unsuccessful DA who eventually threw himself into a life of crime after his law career failed. He helped small-time villains in Gotham City, becoming the brains of the operation. This led to him adopting the incredible appropriate nickname "the Thinker." Through the years, he would go on to become a member of the Injustice Society and the Suicide Squad.

His backstory not only suggests that he will bring a unique quality to the show — he will have to outthink The Flash, as he can't outrun him — it also confirms that he will be significantly different than the previous antagonists. After three consecutive speedster Big Bads, it will be refreshing to see a non-speedster villain in Season 4 of The Flash.

Between dealing with the shocking fallout from last season as well as a brand new type of villain, it seems like Season 4 will be a brand new type of strange for Central City — and that, is definitely a good thing.

Are you excited to see DeVoe arrive on The Flash in Season 4? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: TV Line]


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