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Season 3 of The Flash saw the death of a major character on the show, H.R. Wells, who sacrificed himself to Savitar in order to save Iris West. He died a hero, leaving a giant hole in the middle of Team Flash as there hasn't been one season without some version of Harrison Wells. And this Wells was particularly well-liked due to his sense of humor, his antics, love for coffee, and his drumsticks. So it's going to be difficult to revert back to a more somber version of Wells.

Each season, we've seen a different Wells: the diabolical Wells who was overtaken by Eobard Thawne, the brainy but curt Harrison Wells, and the artsy but generally clueless H.R. Wells. Fortunately, Harry Wells from Earth 2 remained behind to help with the team when Barry went into the Speed Force — but is that the Wells we'll see for Season 4?

Remember, Harry left for Earth-2 because he felt the need to return to his own home. His daughter, Jesse Quick is on Earth-3, but she'll be returning to Earth-2 once Jay Garrick returns. So it's dubious Harry will want to leave his daughter behind for very long. Of course, could always bring Jesse back, but then we have the overcrowding of speedsters again.

H.R. Wells was a breath of fresh air to the show with his boundless energy and words of wisdom to . He provided an extra edge of comedic relief that The Flash desperately needs in order not to continue down the path of darkness it's already taken. With him gone, we only Cisco to provide that, and with him taking on more responsibilities as a superhero, it's possible he'll shift into a different mode.

Though Harry Wells is a genius, there isn't much he can do that Cisco can't. Perhaps it's time for yet another incarnation of Wells to come out of the multiverse. It would certainly be interesting to see what the writers could come up with this time around.

Whichever Harrison Wells portrays in Season 4, H.R. Wells will be remembered as the one who brought light into S.T.A.R. Labs. And while I, for one, hate that he can't return (unless another speedster screws with the timeline), I hope the next Wells hangs around a longer than one season.

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