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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3, Episode 13 "Attack On Gorilla City" and potential spoilers for Episode 14 "Attack On Central City." You will be reading about an army of telepathic gorillas attacking a city. Yes, you read that right.

The first act of The Flash's Gorilla City two-parter was nothing short of exhilarating. Not only did we officially visit the iconic comic book location for the first time, we also got to see Barry take on the ruler of the city — the terrifying Solovar. With groundbreaking CGI and suspenseful thrills, "Attack On Gorilla City" was most definitely a check in the win column for the beloved series. But it's not over yet.

As the episode drew to a close, we saw Grodd — who had fancy new armor to go with his self-appointment as King of Gorilla City — ordering Gypsy to open a breach to Earth-1. And judging by her reaction, the title of next week's episode and its respective trailer, Grodd's demands are met. But can a certain white beast rise once more and regain control of his people, saving Central City in the process?

An Uphill Battle

Central City better baton down the hatches, because the smart apes are coming. By the looks of next week's episode, it's not only Grodd that makes his way to Earth-1 as he takes the entire population of Gorilla City with him. Let's put that in perspective, after nearly three years of being subjected to metahuman attacks, two vicious speedster rampages and an alien invasion, Central City will now find itself overrun with hyper-intelligent telepathic gorillas. And the city isn't the only entity outnumbered by the invaders.

From the looks of the trailer for next week's episode, Team Flash is once again going to be significantly outnumbered by the angry apes. Of course, this time they stand a much better chance — thanks to the additions of Kid Flash and Jesse Quick — but, three against an unimaginable number of telepathic apes still puts the team of at a disadvantage.

To say that Team Flash needs help would be a major understatement. But there's a chance that they just might get that help from Gorilla City's former ruler — Solovar. The once vicious ruler was last seen when he was defeated by the Flash in the arena. But I have a feeling that this defeat might have humbled the mighty ape.

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Barry Spared Solovar's Life

When captured by the gorillas, Barry and team Flash found themselves up against Solovar — the intimidating leader of Gorilla City. The white ape vowed to defeat the Flash in the arena before killing every human in sight. His reasoning behind this was down to his belief that humans were arrogant and believed they were superior to gorillakind. However, Barry proved him wrong — and then some.

Barry defeats Solovar and spares his life. [Credit: The CW]
Barry defeats Solovar and spares his life. [Credit: The CW]

After being viciously beaten down by Solovar, Barry utilized his super-speed to phase his hand against his giant opponent's chest, which sent the mighty ruler crashing to the ground. However, unlike his mentor — and archenemy — the Reverse-Flash, Barry didn't kill Solovar. He followed it up with a passionate speech about how all human weren't killers and that he was sparing Solovar's life as an act of mercy. This kind of mercy was something that Solovar wasn't willing to show to his human captives.

However, despite the kind act, a dissatisfied Grodd took out the Flash and imprisoned him again, before claiming rule of Gorilla City. Thus, we were left wondering about what actually happened to Solovar. If he had been weakened by the battle with the Flash, wouldn't Grodd have killed him? But a scene that monumental would have been shown onscreen or at least mentioned.

Solovar has life left in him and could strike back against Grodd.
Solovar has life left in him and could strike back against Grodd.

So it's highly likely that die to Barry's act of kindness, Gorilla City's original leader is still very much alive and well. And I have a sneaking suspicion that he won't be too happy with Grodd's plan to invade Earth-1. After all, he was willing to kill humans to protect his community, I don't think he will see the benefits of starting a war with the humans.

Barry & Solovar Are Friends In The Comics

Contrary to their tense introduction to each other on the show, Solovar and Barry Allen are actually close friends in the comics. The reason for this is down to the fact that Barry never has evil intentions when it comes to Gorillakind — something which transalted well to the series. Moreover, just like the series, Solovar is the wise but vigilant leader of Gorilla City in the comics. But it's this vigilance which led to his hasty judgment of the human invaders. And perhaps he allowed himself to manipulated by Grodd — who had evil intentions the whole time.

Speaking of Grodd, the evil ape's relationship with Solovar is well-documented as the two are polar opposites and sworn enemies. Solovar rules Gorilla City and leads it with honor while Grodd has always had a desire to be the world's most intelligent gorilla and feels threatened by Solovar's presence.

Solovar and Grodd have a long history in the comics. [Credit: DC Comics]
Solovar and Grodd have a long history in the comics. [Credit: DC Comics]

As The Flash has always been rather loyal to the source material, you can bet that we will see these two iconic relationships develop to match their comic book counterparts. Solovar won't be pleased that Grodd has overthrown him, but will also aid Team Flash out of appreciation for Barry's choice to spare of his life.

One relationship will flourish, while the other is set to lead to collision course between two gigantic foes. Just imagine the spectacle, it will be like King Kong vs well... King Kong.

Will Solovar face off with Grodd for the title Gorilla City's ruler? [Credit: The CW]
Will Solovar face off with Grodd for the title Gorilla City's ruler? [Credit: The CW]

With Gorilla City's population set to invade Central City, it seems that Team Flash will find themselves drastically outnumbered. While we shouldn't underestimate The Flash, Kid-Flash or Jesse Quick, it's clear that they will be in dire need of some assistance when the gorillas attack. Perhaps we might see Caitlin providing a sneak attack by letting Killer Frost loose to stop Grodd, or perhaps General Eiling will return to take down his archenemy. But one thing is certain — Team Flash will receive help from Gorilla City's former leader Solovar. The once mighty ruler will seek to reclaim his crown while paying the humans back for their mercy towards him. Two monsters are about to collide, and whoever wins, Central City just might lose.

Do you think Solovar will be the one to stop Grodd's invasion? Let us know in the comments below!


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