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The Flash Season 4 premieres in two months, and fans can’t wait to see Barry Allen emerge from the Speed Force in his fancy new costume. Once Team Flash is reunited, they will have their work cut out for them, as they plan to defeat the big bad of the Season 4, Clifford DeVoe – also known as The Thinker. Along with DeVoe, Team Flash will also face off against the DC Comics villain Hazard, whose appearance could mean big things for the Arrowverse.

The Flash Casts Sugar Lyn Beard As DC Villain Hazard For Season 4

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Variety is reporting that The Flash has cast Sugar Lyn Beard (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) as Rebecca Sharpe, also known as Hazard. On The Flash, Rebecca Sharpe will take a cue from her comic book counterpart and be a metahuman with the ability to manipulate probability. This means that she will be able to cause herself (or others) to have good or bad luck, depending on which she chooses.

Hazard debuted in Infinity Inc. #34 in 1987, which was comic book title co-created by Roy Thomas and Todd McFarlane. Before taking up the mantle of Hazard, Sharpe was introduced to the world of villainy by her father, Steven Sharpe III, who was better known by his alias, The Gambler. Hazard has an interesting history regarding her villainous activity, but much like Captain Cold in the comics, she has a strict policy against killing. She would later go on to join a group of villains, which included Clifford DeVoe, who went by the name the Injustice Society.

It could be coincidence that two key members of the Injustice Society are joining The Flash Season 4, but it could mean that the will introduce the group of villains to combat the ever-growing roster of heroes across all four shows.

Could The Flash Introduce The Injustice Society To The Arrowverse?

The was first introduced in All Star Comics #37 in 1947, and the team of supervillains has a long history in DC Comics. Although their roster has changed over the years, they have always been the evil mirror of the Justice Society. Some notable members of the Injustice Society have already been introduced of the Arrowverse, including Vandal Savage, Per Degaton, Shade, Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold), Geomancer, and Count Vertigo.

Clifford DeVoe was one of the founding members of the Injustice Society, along with Rebecca Sharpe’s father, The Gambler. Rebecca Sharpe took her father's place on the team once he died, and has been a core member ever since. The Flash fans figured that DeVoe would enlist the help of other metahumans during Season 4, but most of us assumed that he would use members of the Rogues. But, it’s just as likely that he could form the Injustice Society to combat Flash and his Arrowverse Justice League friends.

Hazard is slated to be introduced in The Flash Season 4 Episode 3, and could be one of the first metahumans that DeVoe recruits for his cause. Besides the and a brief team-up by , the Arrowverse hasn’t really tackled the subject to villains banding together to take down heroes.

On Legends of Tomorrow, the Legion of Doom was only three members, but they lacked core leadership and didn’t necessarily work well together. If DeVoe can form a team, and utilize them well, Team Flash will have a hard time dealing with an organized team of villains led by a super genius.

We don’t know what DeVoe’s goals are for The Flash Season 4, but since he is the first non-speedster big bad, we can rest assured knowing that he will have a different agenda than the villains of past seasons. It is also worth noting that Hazard could be a villain of the week, but her connection to DeVoe and the Injustice Society seems like something the show would utilize.

Hopefully, The Flash can bounce back from the time travel madness that was Season 3, and the show will return to great storytelling like we saw in the first two seasons. Fans are waiting impatiently to see the return of one of the best superhero shows on television, and we can’t wait to see how The Flash Season 4 plays out.

You can catch The Flash Season 4 when it premieres October 10, 2017 8PM/ET on The CW.

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