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This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3, Episode 19 "The Once & Future Flash."

It's no secret that Barry Allen is willing to do anything in his power to save Iris West from the wrath of Savitar — including traveling through time to get advice from his future self. And that's exactly what happened in this week's installment of The Flash, when the Scarlet Speedster traveled to 2024 to meet the future version of himself.

However, fans were quick to notice that the episode featured a rather major time-traveling error. After returning from his exploits in the future, Barry told the team that he traveled eight years into the future.

Prior to Barry's comments, the show had repeatedly enforced that "present day" was indeed 2017, which means that 2024 would be seven years into the future — not eight. While time traveling is confusing, it doesn't change the fact that eight years from 2017 is 2025, and Barry definitely traveled to 2024.

Moreover, this wasn't the only time this happened. A similar blunder occurred when future Barry was telling our Barry about Tracy Brand's technology breakthrough, which eventually helped him take down Savitar. He told the present-day Flash that Brand only developed the technology four years ago — which would take us back to 2020 — to which Barry remarked how it was "four years after Iris' death." Barry's comments suggest that Iris died in 2016 — yet we know that Iris is due to die in May 2017.

Iris is supposed to die three years before 2020, not four. [Credit: The CW]
Iris is supposed to die three years before 2020, not four. [Credit: The CW]

While The Flash is renowned for its reliance on the confusing subject of time-travel, it has always made us understand the complicated concept through characters like Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells. But these mistakes left fans of the show feeling really confused, and many of them took to social media to remind The CW that 2024 is only seven years in the future.

The creative team behind The Flash always go to extreme lengths to produce the most well-thought-out paradoxical storylines that fans could ask for. Thus, it's pretty ironic that such a simple mistake ended up on the show. While this is indeed a minute error, the fact the eight years calculation reared its head more than once throughout the episode proves that it was more than a slip of the tongue.

Any other show could probably have gotten away with such a simple blunder, but as The Flash is renowned for its complex time travel-centric plots, viewers were clearly switched on and picked up on the mistake. Let's just hope Team Flash can remember which year Iris dies in — because it's 2017 guys!

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