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Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, is one of the Arrowverse's most interesting characters. Debuting in The Flash Season 1, Snart's character development has spread across two shows, and it's been an exciting journey. Going from cold-hearted villain to roguish antihero, Snart's story ended in Season 1, when he heroically martyred himself to save his team — and all of reality.

Needless to say, Snart's return to the has been eagerly awaited, as he's a very popular character among the fandom. Wentworth Miller's busy production schedule means he had to prioritize this year's Prison Break revival, but he did guest star on Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2. Unfortunately for fans, this didn't mean that Leonard Snart was brought back to life — rather, the Legion of Doom snatched Snart from an earlier point in his timeline, before his encounters with Barry Allen started to thaw his heart and direct him towards the path of heroism.

Barry and Leonard went from adversaries to allies. [Credit: The CW]
Barry and Leonard went from adversaries to allies. [Credit: The CW]

The Snart we met in Legends Season 2 was perhaps the most cruel incarnation of him yet, and after the Legion's plans were foiled, the Legends dropped Snart back in 2013, mind wiped and ready to start his story again. It was a surprising to learn that Captain Cold will play a prominent role in The Flash Season 3 finale — so which Snart will come to Barry's aid?

A Legend Returns

With high hopes, many fans speculated that Snart's return meant that Barry would undo his death in the explosion of the Oculus. This would be very easy to do: Barry could run in and save Leonard at the last minute, or the Oculus, by its very nature, could have thrown Snart into the timestream instead of killing him. After all, no-one is ever truly dead in superhero stories (unless their name is Uncle Ben).

And yet, it seems that our hopes for Snart to survive his sacrifice were in vain — at least for now. In this new trailer for The Flash Season 3 Episode 22, "Infantino Street", we see Barry go to Leonard for help, revealing exactly when in Snart's timeline this event took place.

Right at the beginning of the trailer, Barry meets Leonard to ask him for help. In the background, we can see the Waverider, which means that for Leonard this event took place before he died. It seems that Barry somehow managed to contact the Waverider before the Legends journeyed to the Vanishing Point to confront the Time Masters.

This would take some kind of time trickery, and it raises some questions about how many versions of the Waverider are floating about in the timestream. Also, how did Barry know to how to contact the Waverider at a specific point in the Legends' personal timelines? I would imagine that this question will be answered by a swift trip to S.T.A.R. Labs' handy "future room".

The Perils Of Time Travel

But this also creates something of a plot hole, considering that Barry has already met up with the Legends that correspond with his timeline — they worked together in the "Invasion!" crossover. If Snart knew about Savitar before he died, it's likely that the Legends did too... so why didn't they warn Barry when they defended Earth against the Dominators?

Again, this probably has something to do with the disastrous consequences of paradoxes and not knowing too much about your own destiny and another Back To The Future reference. In any case, it's rather disappointing to learn that Snart isn't back from the dead after all, but I'm still looking forward to seeing Barry team up with the more heroic Captain Cold.

The relationship between these two characters played a huge role in Snart's story — in Legends Season 2, Mick even said that it was Barry's influence on Snart that lead him to become more selfless, and inclined to help others. It certainly will be nice for Barry to see how much Leonard has changed, and goodness knows the poor Scarlet Speedster could use a little pick-me-up as he faces his darkest hour. Perhaps knowing that he inspired Captain Cold to become a hero might alleviate some of Barry's doom and gloom... although admittedly, this career choice did lead to Leonard's death. Here's hoping Barry doesn't get hung up on that little detail.


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