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Who comes to mind when you think of the fastest man alive? Some, the more sportive and those more in-tune with reality may think of . With nine Olympic gold medals endorning the young Jamaican's neck he really has earned that title!

For others, the more comic-loving side of society, the fastest man alive can be non other then the legendary . Having been zapped by lightning and induced with the , he leaves all in his dust, even the Man of Steel himself! So what if the two fastest men of two universes were to meet? The results would be amazing!

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Well, in a recent interview with (see below) Usain Bolt has revealed that he would consider it fun to make an appearance in a superhero movie, specifically in - and we would expect no less! Though the sprinter shows no intention of hanging up his trainers for an acting career the thought of the fastest man alive in our world meeting the fastest man alive in the DCEU is definitely intriguing.

Not only should Usain Bolt consider such a cameo, fans would love every minute of it! We superhero fans do love are random little cameos. 's Flash (the same speedster Bolt wants to race) is known for his cameos, having made brief appearances in both DCEU movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well Suicide Squad. In this universe he has become the king of cameos. So then why shouldn't The Flash not have it's own epic cameo in the form of Usain Bolt?

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Over the years, cameos have become part of the fun of movies and some of the greatest and most memorable scenes are created by some such random appearances. From Johnny Depp's cameo in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to Princess Leia's unforeseen appearance in Rogue One, the spotting and realisation of these iconic characters and actors has left movie goers gawking. And when we speak of cameos we cannot forget to mention the father of all cameos, Stan Lee. The 94-year-old has made a cameo appearance in nearly every single Marvel related movie since 1989- even in animation (see Big Hero 6 if you don't believe me)! and show no sign of stopping now.

The Flash hits cinemas in 2018 and no official release date (or any other form of official releases) have yet been revealed but for once that is really good news! That means that the idea of Bolt making an appearance in the film is still possible. Who knows, we might be seeing Bolt running besides the Flash in no time!

See Ezra Miller's Flash, in Justice League on the 17th of November 2017.


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