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The CW’s massive crossover "Crisis on Earth X" has officially begun, and as promised, the event has brought together almost every Arrowverse hero in an epic fight against a Nazi army from Earth X. Although the first two parts of the crossover event contained some of the best fight sequences the Arrowverse has ever seen, it was the small moments between characters that really showcased what makes these series special.

Note: Spoilers for the Supergirl and Arrow episodes of "Crisis on Earth X" follow.

One of these smaller character moments caught fans by surprise and possibly dropped huge clues about Iris and Barry’s future. This particular moment was between Barry and an very intrigued caterer at his wedding, who seemed to be there specifically to witness Iris and Barry's nuptials. Although that may seem odd, given how loves to play with time travel, it's possible she might be someone very close to the West-Allen family.

Who Is The Mysterious Caterer At Iris And Barry's Wedding?

Supergirl [Credit: The CW]
Supergirl [Credit: The CW]

Prior to the West-Allen wedding ceremony, a young woman (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) approached Barry and could hardly contain her excitement to be working the wedding. At first, it seemed that she was simply nervous, but after a few moments it became clear that she was there to see Barry.

After offering Barry some sparkling water, the caterer began to ramble and dropped small hints about why she was at the wedding:

“I'm really excited to be here. I mean, at a wedding. Any wedding. It just so happens to be your wedding. I really do love weddings, actually. And I don't know, I just feel like this is going to be one for the ages. I'm really happy I got to see it.”

It's worth noting that when she says, “I’m really happy I got to see it,” Barry Allen’s theme begins to play, used to introduce the character during Arrow Season 2. After she finishes talking, Barry asks if he knows her, to which she says that she's a complete and total stranger.

It's true that she might be a stranger to him, but given the clues in the conversation, it's likely that she knows Barry somehow.

Is The Mysterious Caterer A Future Member Of The West-Allen Family?

Given the conversation between Barry and the caterer — and her striking resemblance to Iris — it seems very likely that she could be one of a few DC Comics characters. She could be Iris and Barry’s daughter, Dawn Allen, but it’s just as likely that she's their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats.

In the comics, Dawn Allen and her twin brother Don were raised in the 30th century by Iris after Barry dies during the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Like her father, Dawn is imbued with the Speed Force and has been known to travel through time. If the caterer is Dawn Allen, it’s possible that her interaction with Barry was the first time she met him, which would explain why she was so awkward.

But it seems a bit more likely that she isn’t Dawn, only because of how the conversation went. Although she was a bit flustered, she gave off an air of admiration rather than being emotionally connected. If she was Barry’s daughter, she would likely be a bit more emotional if she was really meeting her dad for the first time.

The more likely option is that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character is Iris and Barry’s granddaughter, Jenni Ognats. Also known as the superhero XS, Jenni is a member of the Legion of Superheroes — who were just introduced on Supergirl — and just like her mother Dawn, shares the Allen family connection to the Speed Force. As Barry's granddaughter, Jenni would admire Barry but wouldn't have the same emotional attachment as her mother

In either case, we don't know why the caterer attended the wedding, but it could play into the rest of the season of The Flash. In the first episode of the The Flash Season 4, they hinted at the the Tornado Twins, so, it's very likely that Iris could be pregnant by the end of the season.

Even though time traveling West-Allen children is a big deal, for now, our favorite Arrowverse heroes are a little busy fighting Nazis. Hopefully by the end of "Crisis on Earth X," Iris and Barry will eventually tie the knot and solidify the future of the West-Allen family.

Sound off! Who do you think the mystery woman was at Iris and Barry's wedding? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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