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There are a many number of podcasts floating out in the ether, just waiting for mass consumption. They cover a myriad of different topics, and all have their own bit of charm. However, there is one podcast that stands above them all, regal and mighty, like a majestic bald eagle who has tamed the powerful Shai-Hulud. This podcast is of course, the king of all bad movie podcasts, The Flop House.

The Flop House has been around for nearly 10 years, and has continuously carried the same level of wit and charm through every episode. If you have never heard of The Flop House, that's okay — I too was once a new listener, who was rummaging through their back catalog like a trash seeking raccoon in the dark of the night. Let's begin our journey, and truly see what the heart and soul of The Flop House is all about.

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Making Bad Movies Bearable

The podcast exists on a simple premise: the hosts watch a film that was either a critical or financial "flop", and then they discuss it on the podcast. What happens during the taping of the show runs the gamut of hilarious bits to earnest discussions usually revolving around some facet of '80s pop culture.

The show has covered over 220 "films" to date, ranging from Nicolas Cage classics, such as Knowing and Stolen, to big budget movies, such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The show usually sticks to more recent releases, in an effort to avoid older bad movies that have been picked clean by critics and other bad movie podcasts.

On the whole, the bad movies they tackle on The Flop House are only a jumping-off point for discussion, and a rudder to show some semblance of direction. What really makes the podcast special is the banter between the hosts, that welcomes listeners in, and comforts them with laughter.

The Flop House Hosts

At the core of , are the wonderful hosts that grace each episode with their sultry dulcet tones. The 3 hosts have incredible chemistry, that radiates through every moment of the show, and makes the listener feel like they are hanging out with friends. So, lets take a look at this holy trinity of comedy, that make up the Original Peaches.

Dan McCoy

Dan McCoy [Credit: Facebook]
Dan McCoy [Credit: Facebook]

Dan (also known as Pervazoid #1) has been described as the leader of this intrepid band, and is the only member to have been on every single episode - mostly because he owns the equipment, and is the only one who knows how to operate it. Mr. McCoy is also an Emmy Award-winning writer, and currently writes for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Dan is undoubtedly the anchor of the group, and in the face of insurmountable obstacles, he does his damnedest to keep the show on track.

Elliot Kalan

Elliot Kalan [Credit: Anna White]
Elliot Kalan [Credit: Anna White]

Elliot Kalan the former head writer for The Daily Show, who currently holds 3 Emmys, and serves as the vibrant spark that keeps the energy at a fever pitch. His most notable contribution to the podcast are his wonderful synopses, that help keep the listener abreast of everything they need to know about the movie they watched for the episode. He also tends to be the catalyst for most of the tangents, that range from the inherent racism in DuckTales to how goats would react to the music of Chopin.

Stuart Wellington

Stuart Wellington [Credit: Facebook]
Stuart Wellington [Credit: Facebook]

Stuart Wellington is the glue that holds The Flop House together. Unlike the other co-hosts, Stuart is not in the entertainment business; however, his charisma and raw sexual magnitude cannot be matched. Stuart possesses a rich, deep soul, and his love of Stuart Gordan's Castle Freak is almost Shakespearean in both its depth and complexity. Stuart can be seen in his natural habitat at the Hinterlands bar in Brooklyn, New York.

The Bits, Tangents, and Nonsense

One of the most enjoyable parts of The Flop House, is the constant riffing and seemingly random tangents. Over the years, there have been many classic bits that have become a permanent part of The Flop House lexicon. Among these gems are: Elliot Kalan's infamous pitch for a Ziggy movie, The Rocket Crocodile and the World of Tomorrow, and Cat on a Hot Tintin Roof.

Each one of these bits holds a special place in the hearts of fans, and each captures the essence of The Flop House in its own unique way. For someone who is not familiar with the podcast, everything I named in the paragraph above might seem like nonsensical gobbledygook. However ,once you embrace The Flop House, they become as comforting as a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's night.

Watch an animated video of the infamous "Stallone Tangent" below:

When it comes down to it, The Flop House is an unadulterated breeding ground for comedy and creativity. It's very rare to find something that is so unique, yet still inviting. I have listened to a ton of podcasts over the years, and have never come across one as entertaining as The Flop House. If you are interested in listening to The Flophouse, it is available on iTunes or Android supported podcast player, and make sure you check out the official Flop House website for all things Flop.

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