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The Following season two is set to come back in early 2014, which was confirmed on March 4th 2013. The Following was created by , the director best known as the creator of Dawson’s Creek, Wasteland, Glory Days, Hidden Palms, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. He is also the man behind Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 4 as well as I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty, Teaching Mrs. Tingle and Cursed.
Season one of The Following aired from January 21st 2013 to April 29th 2013 with fifteen episodes in total. The main cast consisted of (Ryan Hardy), (Joe Carroll), (Dr. Claire Matthews), (Agent Debra Parker), (Agent Mike Weston), Valorie Curry (Emma Hill/Denise Harris), (Jacob Wells/Will Wilson), (Paul Torres) and (Joey Matthews) as Joe and Claire’s son.

From left to right: Nico, Valorie, Adan, James, Natalie, Kyle, Shawn, Annie and Kevin

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as FBI Agent Ryan Hardy – the only man to catch serial killer Joe Carroll, portrayed by James Purefoy. During his time in prison Joe formed a cult of followers just as infatuated with Edgar Allan Poe as Joe himself. Ryan formed a relationship with Joe’s ex-wife Claire, during the process of tracking down and ultimately locking Joe up. Their relationship ended shortly after Ryan was dismissed from the FBI due to his heart condition and erratic behavior due the stress of tracking Joe down.

The Following is a phenomenal television show that just shouldn’t be watched in the dark. However, despite my love for the show I have to admit that there were some rather predictable moments this past season. Nonetheless scenes such as Mike and Ryan in Episode 8- Welcome Home, having a bromance makes you forget some of the clichés.

Mike: "Everything okay?"

Ryan: "Nobody likes me."

Mike: "Well, you’re inconsistent and extreme, and people don’t know how to respond to you."

Ryan: "I was joking."

Mike: "Sorry." After a season of cat and mouse between Ryan and Joe, where Ryan is trying to get Joey back to Claire as well as catch Joe to stop his cult, Joe Carroll is killed in a massive explosion outside a lighthouse in an ode to Joe’s novel The Gothic Sea inspired by Poe’s last unfinished work, The Light-House during the finale episode 15, The Finale Chapter.

As a fan of Kevin Williamson I just knew it in my gut that Ryan and Claire’s cutesy couple moment relaxing in Ryan’s Brooklyn apartment was not going to last for long. After all there was five minutes left in the episode. While Claire went to the bathroom an FBI agent dropped off Chinese food for the couple. Ryan opens up the bag and is quickly stabbed in the stomach by Molly, portrayed by Jennifer Ferrin, a follower of Joe’s. As Claire returns from the bathroom Molly stabs Claire in the back leaving Ryan screaming in horror as the camera fades to black.

SPOILERS: As revealed at San Diego Comic Con, Season 2 takes place a year later. In Kevin Bacon’s words: "everyone we meet next year is in a different place, with Ryan Hardy in a 'lighter' place in his life." Joe Carroll is alive!
Claire does not survive the attack.

My Theories for season 2:

Roderick (portrayed by Warren Kole) isn’t actually dead (Episode 13, Havenport) and will be forming either his own Cult or simply taking over Joe’s.

Emma will seize control over the Cult since she was his ‘most loyal follower’. Joey will once again be kidnapped but this time directly by Joe at Ryan’s apartment.

Joey is living with Ryan Hardy.

Mike rises up in the FBI, also tends to crash at Ryan’s to keep an eye on him despite his ‘lighter place in his life’.

The Cult has changed cities, expanding despite the lack of a direct ‘leader’ so more members are joining.

So, how did you think The Following was as a whole? What were you’re favorite episodes or scenes? Did you mourn any of the Cult deaths or cheer happily? Who is alive that you wish wasn’t and vice versa for who is dead? Will you be tuning in next season?

-Morganstein17/Mimi Schweid


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