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Back in the 80s when everyone in every office everywhere was doing line after line off of their desk, DC was no different. I'm assuming, since they went ahead and created supervillain Snowflame whose superpower is cocaine abuse and whose weakness is cocaine dependency...

Seriously he's got a Wiki page and everything. Take a look. This happened.

Check it out:

Snowflame's powers derive from cocaine consumption.

Something this bear can attest to:

Apparently, the more blow he uses, the more powerful he becomes...

Not like in real life...

Snowflame's got superhuman strength, superhuman speed, immunity to pain, and pyrokinetic talents.

Also: Ladies love Snowflame.

Even Snowflame's religion is cocaine worship...

...same as this bear.

He says stuff like this:

I am Snowflame! Every cell of my being burns with white-hot ecstasy. Cocaine is my God -- and I am the human instrument of its will!

Touching Snowflame once gave The Floronic Man a contact high...

His only weakness? Cocaine dependence. And perhaps the occaisonal moodswing.

And we all know what moodswings can be like

There's even a webscomic devoted to his continued adventures. Stuff like this happens in it:

Sorry Joker, you're just not as cool as Snowflame.


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