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Dark wings! Dark words! Brothers of the Night's Watch, those of us who have taken the black and read all of George R. R. Martin's epic tomes have a special treat in store for us today!

The new trailer for Game Of Thrones has arrived and for book readers, it offers some tantalizing glimpses into the future of the incredible franchise.


Full spoilers follow for all published novels in A Song Of Ice And Fire. Do not proceed unless you've read A Dance With Dragons.

Spoilers upon spoilers follow below. Those who only watch the TV show MUST NOT SCROLL BELOW THE DRAGON!

You're still here? That means you've already finished A Dance With Dragons and are ready to speculate what every image in the trailer means?



We begin with a gigantic dragon shadow passing over what at first glance I assumed was Meereen, since that's where the dragons are heading. But it seems I might have been mistaken...

So the question remains: what exactly is a dragon doing flying over Kings Landing? A gigantic dragon? Most likely fan-boy baiting, or metaphor spouting or perhaps a Tyrion dream. Hard to tell at this point.

Dragon's Landing

As we rise above Aegon's hill and the Red Keep appears, it seems we're back in Kings Landing. The streets are too western looking for Meereen and the distinct lack of golden Harpy on the castle is rather telling.

Purple Wedding

Next up, Joff's wedding, is that the conspiring Lady Olenna leaving the table? Perhaps after misplacing a gem in the boy king's drink?

Kingslayer 2.0

Jaime! Clean cut and ready for action. A scene absolutely not in the books since Joff's Wedding takes place before Jamie returns in A Storm Of Swords.

My Name Is Reek... I Mean Theon... I Mean Reek

I'm thinking this is our first look at poor Theon Greyjoy. Sent to the ruins of Moat Cailin bearing a white flag in order to prepare for his master Ramsay's entrance. Looks like the gateway to the north has taken a beating!

It Is Known

Dany, Jorah and Barristan stand outside the gates of Meereen ready to face the city's champion. No sign of Strong Belwas.

A Host She Raised Up From Dreams

And this would have to be said champion: Oznak zo Pahl riding on the white horse with his giant lance as described. So far so well adapted.

An Audience With The Queen

This could be any one of Dany's new subjects asking for food or resources.

Perhaps it's Reznak mo Reznak introducing himself. My money's on the poor farmer who's daughter was killed (or maybe not) by a certain gigantic black dragon.

Bad fighting, good dying.

Controversial! Still no sign of Strong Belwas so it looks like it's up to Daario Naharis (now played by a new actor) to attempt to win the city for his queen.

Shadow War

Sons Of The Harpy on the hunt and on the kill. Has to be, based on what comes later...

A Good Wind

New scene alert! This seems to be Lord Alester Florent being burned alive on Dragonstone! Stannis will need to those favorable winds. This suggest we'll spend at least one episode on Dragonstone before Stannis heads to...

The Wall Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

... the wall. Don't be fooled by Melisandre's continuous voice-over. Look behind her. That's ice! We're not on Dragonstone any more! This is up on the wall, perhaps burning (the fake) Mance Rayder?

Riders At Dawn

Difficult. I'm thinking this could be a more cinematic version of Jamie meeting with The Blackfish to negotiate an end to the siege. This could mean Jamie will head off on his quest before season end.

However careful zooming reveals what looks like the flayed man of The Dreadfort on both side's banners. This could be Ramsay reuniting with his father then?

Onion Knights At Sea

Skagos ahoy! It seems we'll get to spend a bit of time with Stannis and Davos before our Onion Knight is sent to White Harbor. Having the king and his hand spot the cannibal isle while on the way to the wall would set-up Davo's later mission and Rickon's fate in season 5.

Rise Of The Harpy

Looks bad for this nobleman from Meereen. The Sons Of The Harpy closing in on all sides...

All Men Must Die

And BAM! Another kill for the sons. Will we get a more definite answer to the question of whether Hizdahr zo Loraq is behind the killing in the show?

King's Guardian

Jamie brandishes his new sword with his left hand while a smug/angry/sleepy/serious/disgusted/delighted Tywin looks on. Seems like Jamie's Pop may have recycled something of poor Ned's to make his son happy. Valyrian steel can't buy love Tywin.


Oh dear Tyrion. It seems like you've just (not) killed your nephew. Cue Cersei shrieking.

Martells Pay Their Debts

Helloooo Red Viper. Dorne's most eligible (and most deadly) prince converses with Varys about grudges not forgotten and a nephew's head dashed against a wall. Oberyn seems to be looking at the throne with some desire.

Freefolk 2.0

Wildlings! South of the wall! This seems to be Tormund's (read: Styr's) group on their way through Mole's Town perhaps?

You Know Nothing

Yep! Wildlings! Oh Ygritte, you're not long for this world...

I Am The Sword In The Darkness

Judging by the slow pace of these riders, my assumption would be Jon and another Brother like Dolorous Edd checking the fortifications on the gate. It's a good job they do...

The Watcher On The Walls

Lord Commander Jon here tells his troops that the biggest fight is yet to come. They may have fought off Tormund's (read Styr's) forces south of the wall but the real fight is just beginning. The wall is yours Jon!

Two Blasts For Wildlings!

Now who is this? My first thoughts were of Wildlings and giants (note the face) fighting their way south but it appears as if this hulking man is fighting on the wrong side of the gate. The southron side.

I'm thinking either one of The Magnar's wildlings attempting to open the door to let in Mance's forces. Or controversially, perhaps this is Donal Noye, the grizzled blacksmith, fighting off the king of the giants? He seems pretty Wildling looking though...

Here he is again? Is he smashing or defending?

What Is Dead, May Never Die

Super keen to see how Asha/Yara's story will play out. Is she on her way to The Dreadfort to rescue Theon? I'm thinking this might be our first look at Asha's romantic foil Tristifer Botley?

It seems like she's heading up a thin looking brook or stream? Heading into the marshes Yara? Howland Reed The Crannogman anyone? OFF BOOK! OFF BOOK!

Better, Faster, Stronger

The Kingslayer, being fitted with his new golden hand. By the looks of it, he likes it as much as his book counterpart.

Dead Things In The Woods

Now here's a strange sight. Disgraced Night's Watchman Rast, last seen murdering the old bear and destroying Craster's keep, is seen here conducting a very familiar ritual.

We knew Rast was a bad bad egg, but how could he have taken over Craster's old role of placating The Others with infants? Strange, very strange.

Water Dancer

Yes! Arya, and that's Needle! This scene must be post Inn At The Crossroads.

You Will Fly!

Bran continues his quest north of the wall. Judging by his wildling looking clothes (And Hodor's) I would assume that we've already met Coldhands here. I might be wrong though as things don't look quite as bleak as when the friendly Other first arrives on the scene for Bran. His eyes are about to close here so perhaps Bran is going to Warg into the... tree?

Beast In Human Skin

Undoubtedly Ramsay bearing the flayed man of The Dreadfort, riding into the ruins of Winterfell (or Moat Cailin?) for his wedding with Jeyne Poole.

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Red Viper vs Mountain! The battle to end all battles! Revenge is coming Mountain! Beware the tip of that lance!

Aerys the Third

Nice wedding Joff?

Little Dove

Little does he know... can you spot Sansa Stark in the far left? Is her tiara on straight?

Gold Commander

Jamie peruses the famous White Book of the Kingsguard, reading about the Commanders that came before him. A Nice little reference to Barristan here would not go amiss.


This looks very much like Jamie and Cersei's final tryst. Just out of shot? Their dead son's corpse. Still warm.

The Price Of Piss

Back on the wall. It seems that bizarrely, Ser Alliser Thorne is giving a rousing speech to the remaining troops at Castle Black? Perhaps HBO is planning on killing him off in spectacular fashion? Might be more exciting than Commander Jon just sending him ranging.

Even Wildlings Fear Him...

Is this our first look at Styr The Magnar of Thenn? Including him in the attack from the south would allow Jon to kill someone of note, someone from the books. It also frees Tormund up for his later role he plays after the war.

...Through Your Throat

Hmmm, I see ears. Might not be Styr then...

Thorne In Jon's Side

Alliser Thorne speechifying. This is very strange. Perhaps HBO are having him fill the role of Donal Noye. Therefore they get to kill off Thorne in a satisfying way but also seamlessly transition into Jon's leadership in the same way as the book.

Could be a very smart move.

The Shield That Guards The Realms Of Men

Jon wades in. I'm assuming this is the first battle. The attack from the south. The palisades and barriers indicate makeshift defences.

She Killed The King With A Spell!

Back at Joff's wedding feast which appears to be taking place outside?

Wasn't it held in the great hall in the books?

Perhaps the show has something even bigger planned for the boy king's death. Can anyone spot Penny?

The Iron Price

Theon Greyjoy, sans weiner is suited up and ready for action. The white flag on the left indicates that this is an extension of the scene we saw before. Young Greyjoy needs his kin out of Moat Cailin so his new master can enter.

Faith Militant

These look like the King's Landing City Watch roughing up some... sparrows? Hard to tell? This guy's kneeling and hand gestures seems to indicate religious connotations. He could just be really scared though. Looks like he's about to meet a grisly end from...

The Mountain That Rides

Look at that Mountain!

Newly recast Mountain Thor Björnsson looks to bring the pain that we know only the Mountain can.

Looks like this might be either a training scene where the Mountain displays how strong he is, or the death of an the sparrow above. It's not the death of Oberyn Martell though.

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Wildlings

Unsure who Melisandre is telling that they're in hell here. Perhaps Jon, perhaps Val, sister of Dalla? Perhaps even Gilly?

The Leech Lord's Son

Ramsay Snow you saucy swine, in bed with one of your torturing hand maidens? The better question is: why is she enjoying it?

The only bed scene I can think of is from A Dance With Dragons and involves very little enjoyment on Jayne Poole's side. And even less on Theon's. Hmmm.

Sweet Robin

Sansa at the Eyrie. Expect Littlefinger and his molesting kisses to ooze into shot any second now.


Is There Gold In The Village?

We're back in The Inn At The Crossroads and it's well past time Arya got Needle back! Notice the weapon in her hand is looking very un-Needle like. Polliver's going to pay.

Do It Quickly

If we needed more proof that this is the run-in at the Inn, here's The Hound about to suffer his last wound as a warrior.

Night Gathers...

Judging by his scars, I'm guessing this is Jon post Styr attack. Oh Ygritte, look at all Jon's feels!

The Pale Mare

Welcome to Meereen Dany! It's way worse than Yunkai and Yunkai was pretty sucked.

Wherever Whores Go

I would assume this is Tyrion's last conversation with Jamie as his brother frees him from his shackles.

Tyrion's line about justice seems to indicate his bitter feelings towards Jamie and the whole Tysha debacle.

There Is Only One King Beyond The Wall...

SPOILERS! Gods are these ever spoilers!

This appears to be Stannis' army arriving at the wall at the last minute to eviscerate the Wildlings and help Jon cement his watch upon the wall.

...And His Name Is Not Mance Rayder

Check their armor, these soldiers are as Stannis as you get. And the men they're cutting down? 100% wildlings. Spoilerific!

And that's it!

Everything I spotted in the trailer! Not long until season 4 arrives and we can see how wrong I really was! April 6!

Man, I cannot wait!


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