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"Never trust the living."

That's advice given to newly-dead couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, in the original Beetlejuice. With news circulating that a long-awaited second version is finally in the works, I'm inclined to agree.

Writer posted a picture on his Twitter account yesterday, with a teasing caption:

The picture?

So that's Beetlejuice standing in front of a blank screen, presumably just waiting to write a new script. Sidenote: Who knew the rakish ghoul used a Mac?

While Grahame-Smith is a talented writer and most well-known for his novel and subsequent screenplay for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I'm just not sure how I feel about this. Director 's original, with in the titular role, was a classic in every sense of the word and it's one of those rare movies I feel should just be left untouched. Normally, I have no problems with movies being remade. In modern Hollywood, nothing is sacred: We live in a reimagined, prequel, sequel, reboot-filled time in cinematic history right now, and mostly that's fine by me.

But the original Beetlejuice was made 25 years ago. Twenty-five. Burton is apparently down to direct as long as there is an excellent script attached, and he and Grahame-Smith have worked together before, with the screenwriter penning the script for 2012's Dark Shadows (which does not exactly fill me with confidence he'll do justice to another Burton vision). And Grahame-Smith has indicated that it will not be a reboot, but a genuine sequel, with Keaton reprising his role. So on one hand, yay! The same people will be involved! On the other hand...twenty-five years. At this point, wouldn't you maybe just want to reboot the whole damn thing rather than trying to link together two movies a quarter of a century apart?



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