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This weekend saw gawdy, over-the-top, pop-tastic ridiculousness reach its zenith at MTV's VMA Awards. Obviously, it didn't take long for the internet hive mind to GIFify the whole debauched affair. Here for your viewing pleasure is a selection of the best.

WARNING: Faith in humanity may plummet as a result of viewing these GIFs.

The show kicked off in 'style' with Lady Gaga taking to the stage wearing an unusual garment which left her looking like a cross between the Pope and Ceiling Cat.

See, she totally does.

By the way, that GIF will be haunting your dreams.

Of course, it didn't take long for her to shed all that in favor of the skimpiest costume possible, as is her want.

However, even the usually brain-numbingly weird Lady Gaga couldn't out-match Miley Cyrus' just down-right terrifying performance.

She kicked it off by bizarrely prowling onto the stage like a lecherous old man drunkenly leaving a Dutch brothel.

From there it went pretty down hill. Cue nightmarish images of Miley dancing with giant bears.

And whatever the hell this is.

But the pièce de résistance was delivered when Miley decided to 'twerk' the crotch of some singer who resembled a referee attending a formal affair.

Luckily it seems like I'm not the only one baffled by this. Drake (and some other dude) just appeared bored and ashamed at the same time.

While Rihanna and Co held an impromptu one-minute silence to honor the death of everything good and wholesome in the world.

And the Smith's just looked genuinely frightened.

Meanwhile Taylor Swift appeared to tell Selena Gomez to "Shut the f--k up"...

Before doing some text-book old-lady-at-a-wedding-seat-dancing...

Followed up by some I-know-I'm-on-camera-sexy dancing...

Oh yeah, and N*SYNC totally reformed for 110 seconds. Literally.

They all came out and everyone was super-excited (because y'know Justin Timberlake has been, like, in films and stuff now)...

Then they danced around like robot crabs for a bit (except the dude on the left was a little bit slower than the rest)...

But then Justin got bored and wanted to go home to see if MySpace was popular again yet.

Then it all ended with Katy Perry doing a dance under Brooklyn Bridge which culminated in a slightly worrying salute.

Wow, that dude behind her is really good at staying still.

So that was the VMAs... in GIFS! Yep, no wonder the rest of the world hates us...


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