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Dania Lerman

Yesterday, the healthy 18-month old Marius was euthanized to prevent interbreeding. Despite several petitions and offers of adoption from various other parties, Marius was shot, skinned and fed to lions before a public audience largely composed of children.

Vampire Diaries fans proved that they rock more than anyone else in the world through their persistent effort to raise awareness of this horrendous act. The main fan site has been exploding with pro-Marius tweets:

The Marius sentiment was so prominent that the admins took it upon themselves to establish V.D. fan solidarity in seeking justice for the fallen giraffe:

Recently, they've been urging their followers to sign a petition to have zoo leader Bengt Holst removed:

Even Ian Somerhalder himself gave his two cents:

United by their love for Vampire Diaries, the fans formed a single outlet to raise their voice, and were actually heard.

While the tragedy of Marius must be acknowledged, let's take a moment to reflect on this fabulous silver lining: where our love for sexy vamps actually reached beyond the fictional world to help an innocent creature.

Vampire Diaries fans, you ROCK.


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