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The Walking Dead has introduced us to some great characters over the last couple of seasons, but none have been more anticipated than the arrival of the Governor, the maniacal leader of the community inside Woodbury. Those of you who have read the graphic novel on which this show is based will know just how evil the Governor can be, and the messed up things that he does to keep his people safe. In fact, so sadistic are some of the things that he gets up to, I'm not sure how much of it can be shown on cable TV. David Morrissey— the British actor who plays the iconic bad guy— spoke to Collider recently about how similar his character is to the one in the comic:

It’s important to say that The Governor in the comic books arrives fully formed. He’s sadistic. He’s quite out there. He’s quite an evil guy. My Governor is not like that. You arrive with him much more as a leader who’s caring for his community and who has humanity about himself.

That's not to say that this TV version of the character is going to be a watered down version, however. In the comics the Governor organizes gladiatorial-style arena fights in order to keep the population entertained, and it looks like something similar is in store for the show:

I know that, in the book, he does some crazy stuff with the arena, but I can’t tell you about that in our show. If he doesn’t do that, he does something similar, maybe.

If only a fraction of the atrocities that the Governor commits in the graphic novel are included in this season, then The Walking Dead is going to be very violent, very bloody, and very controversial. I can't wait.

The next episode can be seen on Sunday 9/8c on AMC.


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