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If I was a betting man, I would've gone all in for the Governor to have met a violent and vicious death in Sunday's season finale of The Walking Dead. Luckily I haven't gambled since I almost lost a kidney in a late-night game of Go Fish in northern Laos, so the Governor surviving the episode didn't leave me out of pocket (or organs).

The leader of Woodbury lost all semblance of humanity when he gunned down his own people after they refused to go back and fight for him, leaving him as a Governor without any constituents. He will return to fight another day when the show returns in October and series creator Robert Kirkman spoke to EW about whether they had planned for him to last more than one season:

That was always the plan. I think everybody involved in the Walking Dead has kind of caught on to that cable trope of bringing a big new character into a series and then, by the end of that season, that character magically dying or being written out of the show in some clever way. We really wanted to give people that sense that this was the kind of thing we were doing — but flip the script at the end. We've got a lot more to do with the Governor.

Kirkman also explained why they decided to have the Governor brutally murder his own people:

It was really trying to build on that self-destructive moment when you're seeing that this guy who seemingly had it all together — who seemingly was capable of running this town and rebuilding a civilization to some extent — actually didn't have it together at all and can very easily be frustrated to the point of completely ruining everything he had going. It's a downfall, to a certain extent. It is a resolution to this season. The Governor is without all of the things he had before and it is supposed to be showing just how much this guy has spiraled out of control because of his interactions with Rick and the other people in Rick's community.

Much of the Governor's story arc during Season 3 followed closely to that of the comic book, which is why I assumed he was going to get killed in the finale. That he wasn't suggests that Season 4 is going to develop a storyline different from the source material. What happens to a broken Governor and the guys over at the prison is now anybodies guess. All bets are off.

Are you excited to see the Governor return for Season 4? Let me know your thoughts on the season finale in the comments below.


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