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Brian Salisbury

The Oscars may garner the most attention, but it's always interesting to chart the results of international film awards. Case in point, at the 26th European Film Awards, Italy's The Great Beauty, directed by , was the big surprise. The film, which is described as a pseudo update of 's La Dolce Vita, took top honors; winning Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Director. Most people were expecting 's Cannes Palme d'Or winner Blue Is The Warmest Color to walk away with the most trophies, but it was completely snubbed.

That's really the element of this story that most intrigues me. The Great Beauty is also Italy's entry into the The Academy Awards. Now that it's done so well at the European Film Awards, I not only wonder how this will affect its chances of earning one of the nods for Best Foreign Language Film but also if it will give Blue is the Warmest Color a similar run for its money.

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