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Scott Pierce

You can tell Warner Bros. is making a desperate plea to lovers of Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Florence and the Machine with the new trailer for The Great Gatsby. Take a look here:

The trailer definitely doesn't follow the coherence of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, instead choosing to focus on the overall spectacle that has created with , , and . But that's not a bad thing. This is a striking trailer, folks.

From a musical to Moulin Rouge to Romeo + Juliet's soundtrack, Luhrmann's films feature a wide array of music. This should be no different. Even the title of the trailer on YouTube showcases the musical talent in this film. And whether or not you like someone like or not (you shouldn't), it's safe to say that this could be a collection of music that represents our day. Jay-Z has executive produced the soundtrack and garnered talent everyone from the people mentioned above to the xx, Goyte, Jack White, and Nero.

This is going to be a polarizing situation: Diehard fans of the book will either love it or hate it, while teenagers are just going to generally love it.

What do you guys think of this trailer?


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