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Tino Jochimsen

(The Spanish Prisoner, House of Games), grandmaster of intricate thrillers, has cast (Iron Man 3) alongside the always perfect in Beyond the Lights (Blue Jasmine).

The thriller revolves around Janet (), whose late grandfather was a Hollywood v/x artist who had a second secret career working for the U.S. special ops during the 1960s. After his death his legacy becomes a threat to his granddaughter’s life.

According to Deadline, Dale

plays a military major who is trying to discover the truth about the political secrets of a woman’s grandfather.

The actor recently finished shooting Stretch, an action comedy from (The A-Team). The director had already cast Bale once before as walking-talking nourishment for wolves in The Grey.

Apart from Blanchett, Blackbird already stars (Lone Star) and (Being John Malkovich).


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