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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

What is it about Grimm that draws us in? Is it the the diversity of a secret world that only few humans can really see? Or is it the hidden agendas of a political structure that moves humans like pawns in a game of a long hidden group of dark beings capable of distracting the meaning life from a general public?

GRIMM opens the secret world of monsters and creatures based upon the works of the Brothers Grimm fairy-tales. The hunters of the world, known as a bloodline of 'Grimms' can not only see the various species that live among us in secret, but are capable of destroying them. The Grimms have been passing the HUNT from generation to generation, passing knowledge and wisdom to their young to continue the Balance between good and evil. Thrown into this world, a Grimm heir named Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt (played by actor ) begins his investigation into this world of the Parahumans that live around us (known as "Wesen" or VESIN) as they are spoken in the Grimm history of creatures that share two distinct sets of human and one creature.

Helping Nick along the way is the reformed Blutbud or Wolfenkind Licanthrop named Monroe (Played by Actor ) . His werewolf liminal behavior that he suppresses with a vegetarian diet, Pilates and playing the cello do not exactly fit his monsterous shapeshifting lifestyle. But as we get to learn more about Monroe and the other Wessen, we find Monroe to be a fast growing character as one of the MOST liked creatures whose one-liners, scripting and rugged Fashion sense have developed him into a great character of the show. The "GRIMM Diary" is a book that has been passed from generation to generation of Grimm's to define the unusual creatures in the World that catalog "Encounters" with Wesenkind during the rich history of the Grimms, and can be found here.

What is the fate of the SHOW? NBC Executives have talked about releasing a Mini-Series that takes us through that rich History of the GRIMM and making two events to be scheduled for a 2014 FALL release.

GRIMM returns to NBC this Fall, October 25th.


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