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The Hangover star has been tasked with filling Leslie Nielsen's comedic shoes after being cast as Enrico Pallazzo, sorry I mean Lt. Frank Drebin, in Paramount's reboot of The Naked Gun.

Helms' reaction when he learned he'd got the part

Night at the Museum scribes and are on board to pen the script, which will follow the exploits of bumbling-but-goodhearted LA detective Frank Drebin.

There's no word on who else has been cast in The Naked Gun but if I was a betting man (and since losing my appendix to a Bavarian blacksmith in a particularly hard-fought game of Mouse Trap, I'm most certainly not) I would put a lot of money on O.J. Simpson not returning for the reboot.

Nielsen was obviously a comedy legend but I think Helms is more than capable of holding his own in the franchise. He's just come off the back of The Hangover Part III and We're the Millers, so landing the lead role in The Naked Gun will cement his status as one of Hollywood's biggest comedy stars.


What are your thoughts on Helms being cast as Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun? Hit me up in the comments section below.

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