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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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OK, so this might break your heart and ruin your day, but the good folks at Cracked pointed out this seriously intense Harry Potter theory, which just has to be shared.

Are you ready?

Harry Potter never left the cupboard under the stairs.

For real. Let's take a look at this.

Harry Potter is a victim of child abuse.

He is kept in a cupboard under the stairs. The Dursleys bully and undermine him at constantly. Emotional abuse and child neglect is a jail offense, but the Dursleys don't get punished.

A helpless child, Harry invents an alternative reality to escape.

This is called Fantasy Coping Technique.

Harry's 'magical world' presents many classic tenets of abuse victim fantasies.

That sound is your heart breaking.

These include - from abuse awareness organisation lfcc - 'planning revenge on abuser'...

Harry's 'magical world' involves violent revenge fantasies; he blows Aunt Marge away and gives Dudley a pig's tail. Except it's all in his head.

...'hoping to be rescued, by super heroes or police or "Prince Charming"'

...or a giant on a bike with a magical umbrella who takes you to an enchanted castle full of witches and wizards?

...'fantasizing about a happier life, living with a different family'

At Hogwarts, Harry discovers friends, family and riches that he never had before - everything he doesn't have in his closet in Privet Drive.

It's specifically the fantastical, extreme nature of Harry's world that suggests a child's imagination.

At Hogwarts, Harry's not just a happier child - he's the prophesied chosen one. He doesn't just increase his abilities, he's the best Quidditch player of his generation.

Of course, what makes the book so great, is that either interpretation stands.

There are tons of elaborate fantasy allegories in fiction about children: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Pan's Labyrinth have all been posited.

Don't panic, guys, it's just a theory to kick around. Right?

An interesting hypothesis or pure baloney? You decide! I might go and cry now...


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