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Have you ever had that feeling of finding something in your life that completely fills a void in your soul you never even knew you had? For some, it's not a common experience, so the few times it happens are very special occasions.

For anyone who wants to feel like that once again but isn't willing to do the tedious searching to find whatever may trigger it, worry not, I have just the thing: , an R-rated action-comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie has been in development since 2011, and now it's finally a reality. Fortunately for everyone who's been dying to see it, the first trailer for The Hitman's Bodyguard has just hit the Internet and in true and Ryan Reynolds fashion, it's... take a look at it in all of its foul-mouthed glory and decide for yourself just what the hell it is:

Now, granted, the trailer didn't actually reveal much of anything from the story. But from what we see, the film has everything moviegoing audiences love: Samuel L. Jackson swearing, being himself, and a ton of violence. However, just in case that isn't enough for you and you still want to know what the plot's about, here's the synopsis:

"The world’s top protection agent [Ryan Reynolds] is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen [Samuel L. Jackson]. The relentless bodyguard and manipulative assassin have been on the opposite end of the bullet for years and are thrown together for a wildly outrageous 24 hours. During their raucous and hilarious adventure from England to the Hague, they encounter high-speed car chases, outlandish boat escapades and a merciless Eastern European dictator [Gary Oldman] who is out for blood."

I don't know about you, but from now on, I don't care if Fox ever makes a deal with Marvel to get Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film is now my very own Nick Fury-Deadpool origin story. And as the villain! Come on.

Now, while the footage managed to give us quite a few memorable scenes and bits of dialogue in a couple of minutes, it's safe to say the most memorable line in it was:

"He has single-handedly ruined the word motherfucker."

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Making a good nowadays is incredibly hard, which is exactly why I'm so glad The Hitman's Bodyguard has not only all the right elements to succeed (a great cast, a simple but incredibly fun premise and an absolutely absurd plot), but also - from what we're able to see - a perfect execution of said components.

The Hitman's Bodyguard is directed by Patrick Hughes (Red Hill, The Expendables 3) and it stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and . This comedy masterpiece in the making will be waiting for you in the nearest theater come August 18, 2017, so it's in your best interest to go catch it.


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