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Sophie Atkinson

Let the countdown to awesomeness commence. Yesterday, the news hit the internet via The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide, of all sources, that the trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug would be attached to Man of Steel, due to debut in cinemas next Friday.

Glass half empty? I'm not sure I can wait that long for The Hobbit 2. This said, according to an anonymous source at, the trailer will be released online two days before it hits the cinema - on Wednesday 12th June at 10am. Glass half full? It's not just a little snippet - it's a full two minute job - so we should be able to get a sense of:

(a) If it'll be even half as good as the first film

(b) How closely it looks as if it'll stick to the book

(b) Trimmings - music, how it's shot, ambience etc.

So, if you weren't thinking of checking out Man of Steel but you're gaga for The Hobbit, it might be worth reversing that decision, because anonymous tip-offs aren't always the most reliable sources of information.

The Hobbit 2 will (we imagine) follow Thorin and company to Beorn's house, through Mirkwood and into Smaug's lair. Smaug is one of the last great dragons of middle Earth and lives in a lair under the Lonely Mountains, where he guards a vast quantity of treasure.

Peter Jackson is giving the world an early Christmas present - The Hobbit 2 will be released on 13th December this year.

Are you guys excited for the film now that it's only approximately six months away? Let me know below!


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