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Mark Newton

Who cares what critics say? Well, actually I do, but movie executives probably shouldn't. Despite less than brilliant reviews, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has done a great job of emptying Americans' pockets. ERC Box Office has just announced the first installment of The Hobbit is now expected to to pass $300 million domestically. They tweeted:

The Hobbit will therefore join the likes of The Avengers ($623M), The Dark Knight Rises ($448M), The Hunger Games ($408M) and Skyfall ($303M) in the exclusive, money laden club. With its release in China due next week, The Hobbit is also expected to break the $1 billion mark globally, placing it in strong contention as the highest grossing Tolkien movie ever.

Does The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey deserve such a massive haul? Let us know below.


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