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Open Road Films has definitely been pushing hard in the promotion run for their upcoming film The Host (You know, the "other" Stephanie Meyer novel series), a savvy move to entice an already-dedicated fanbase to support the movie in massive numbers. They've just released a new television spot which has hit the internet, giving us a few new (albeit brief) scenes from the film, particularly the last two. The trailer's a little muddled and hard to follow, but Host fans should love it.

The host follows the story of Melanie (), one of the last of a human resistance to an alien occupation in which alien "Souls" have taken over most of the humans on earth. When she is finally captured and inhabited by a Soul named Wanderer, Melanie refuses to give up and abandon her body and ends up forging a close mental connection with the alien Soul, as her boyfriend, Jared () fights to save her.

BUT WAIT, there's more. Pandora streaming radio station has hosted (Get it? I kill me.) a station called The Host Fan Mixtape. You can click it and check it HERE. It's music inspired by the movie, and it's pretty cool.

What do you think, Stephanie Meyer fans? Will this end up being better than the Twilight movies? Let us know in the comments and follow this movie to stay up to date with all the latest Host happenings.


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