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Scott Pierce

Lionsgate's marketing campaign for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is certainly one of the most memorable of the year. Billboards featuring Capitol Couture blur the lines between Panem and reality. If you hadn't read the book or seen the original film, these ads had the potential to rival the latest Yves Saint Laurent. They're just that good. Now, , the reclusive author responsible for bringing Katniss to life, is praising the studio's efforts. She told Variety:

“I'm thrilled with the work Tim Palen and his marketing team have done on the film. It's appropriately disturbing and thought-provoking how the campaign promotes 'Catching Fire' while simultaneously promoting the Capitol's punitive forms of entertainment. The stunning image of Katniss in her wedding dress that we use to sell tickets is just the kind of thing the Capitol would use to rev up its audience for the Quarter Quell (the name of the games in 'Catching Fire'). That dualistic approach is very much in keeping with the books."

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