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Tino Jochimsen

Although it seems like a pretty stupid idea to remake a film that stills hold up perfectly well, if you do it, it’s nice to see that it's done right:

According to Arrow in the Head, Richard Matheson, the legendary writer of such genre classics as I am Legend, will take it upon himself to script the second adaptation of his [[movie:null]] novel. The 86-year-old will be assisted by his son Richard Matheson, Jr. The book was already turned into a wonderful movie in 1957, directed by the great Jack Arnold.

The Incredible Shrinking Man centers on Scott Carey, a loving father and husband, who one day begins to shrink inch by inch and has to survive many a size-related adventure (see above).

There might be future reasons to get excited for this remake, the drafting of a great director or one hell of a lead actor for instance. The hiring of two Mathesons is certainly a good first step. But just now I'd prefer to re-watch the original. It was also scripted by Matheson, by the way...


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